Ground control to Major Tom....can you hear me?

David Bowie turned 65 this weekend, prompting an outpouring from fans who want to see more of Ziggy Stardust during his Golden Years.

The glam rocker is known for defying gender roles, convention, and perhaps most famously, age. Bowie and his stunning wife Iman continue to be one of the world's most glamorous and intriguing couples. The Space Oddity singer has kept out of the spotlight in recent years, but his fans would like to see that change.

Fellow musicians and other entertainment industry folks reportedly took to Twitter on Jan. 8 to send birthday greetings into the ether (Bowie does not have a Twitter account.) According to the Telegraph, British comedian David Baddiel sparked calls for a Twitter campaign when he tweeted: I know David Bowie is 65 today but god I wish he'd come out of retirement.

BBC radio presenter Martha Kearney concurred. oh yes. Start a twitter campaign, she reportedly tweeted.

We probably shouldn't expect Bowie to respond to any of this directly, but is he really retired, or just characteristically elusive?

Jim Carroll of the Irish Times commented on Bowie's increasingly unique non-engagement with traditional and emerging media.

What's fascinating about this silence is how it has amplified our view of the performer. While many of his peers spend their time doing heritage band tours to grow the pension pot (slowly demeaning themselves and causing lots of back problems as they do), Bowie just stays quiet, Carroll wrote. You won't find him, as Alexis Petridis points out, telling us about his daily grind on Twitter. You won't find him plotting a comeback by appearing on The X Factor or American Idol. There's a dignity in Bowie's refusal to play the game.

Here's hoping part of Bowie's game does involve secretly plotting a new album or tour...but let's not call it a comeback.

Happy (Belated) Birthday David Bowie...and many more.