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Battlefield 2042 Escalation introduces more futuristic weapons to the game EA

Video game producer David Sirland has returned to the "Battlefield" series as lead producer for the franchise.

Sirland announced his return to DICE on Twitter and said that "things really are very different (in a good way)" this time and that he's "eager to make the future of Battlefield brighter and better than ever!" He had originally left DICE in March 2020 and worked on "Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodhunt" after DICE faced bad press and there were rumors of dysfunction in the studio. Sirland's return follows "Halo" co-creator Marcus Lehto joining the "Battlefield" team as Narrative Game Director.

"Information on what [that] actually means in more detail will spill as time goes on, but rest assured I am going to listen to your feedback, your woes, your ideas and champion a game that you would love to play," explained Sirland.

This is after DICE, a subsidiary of Electronic Arts has faced disappointing feedback after a poor launch for "Battlefield 2042" that later led to a reorganization of the leadership team in Dec. 2021. Sirland had been gone for little over a year at that point and additional team members had left to pursue other endeavors. The company had also announced a series of changes and updates to the "Battlefield" franchise, all with the goal of creating better player experiences and expanding the "Battlefield" universe.

Part of these changes includes reworking already launched player maps and introducing new weapons, along with a long list of fixes to persistent bugs. The "Battlefield" team has made it a point to listen to its players and maintains an active Twitter account for patch details, developer comments and server status.