As David Welch was slowly dying in a Utah ravine, the Kansas man wrote love notes to his family during his last days.

Welch, 54, of Manhattan, Kan., died from injuries sustained when his car became trapped in the ravine after it veered off a road in Utah. But much of his story remains unclear, including why he made his way to Utah from Kansas on Labor Day and what his intended destination was.

But the notes were recovered from the crash site and delivered to his family, according to CNN.

The contents of the letters have not been made public, and Welch’s widow, Kelly Welch, gave few details about the missives on her locked Twitter account.

"Dave was entrapped in the vehicle down the 80-foot ravine, and he wrote each of us a love note. He knew he was dying and there was no way out," she wrote, according to the Salt Lake Tribune, which had access to the tweet.

Welch’s body was found Oct. 18 after a hitchhiker saw the Kansas man’s crashed Pontiac in a ravine in the Utah desert. Authorities found Welch’s body pinned to the vehicle and determined that he crashed the Pontiac a day after he left Manhattan.

"It’s a pretty lonely stretch out there," Utah Highway Patrol Lt. Scott Robertson told the Tribune.

It’s unclear exactly how long Welch survived his injuries, but his widow said he probably lingered for days before dying.

Authorities in Kansas were stumped as to Welch’s whereabouts. A Facebook page, Find Dave Welch, was set up to publicize the case. It has since turned into a memorial for the 54-year-old former Pepsi representative.

“Please continue to hold Dave's family in your prayers for hope, love, comfort and strength. Thank you all SO much - God Bless You,” reads the latest message from the page, written Oct. 24.