An almost government shutdown
If President Barack Obama tries to get a beer from a certain bartender at D.C.'s Sonoma, he'll also get an earful and a hefty bill. Reuters

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard of the government shutdown. The closing of all nonessential government funded agencies, offices, parks and museums started Oct. 1, and there's been a wide array of responses.

While doomsday enthusiasts have long been preparing for such an event, others view it as an opportunity to make a point.

Meet Steve Hadley, a bartender at the popular Capitol Hill watering hole Sonoma. Since the government shutdown was announced, Hadley has been working on special pricing for beer at Sonoma.

For furloughed government workers, those who've had to take an involuntary leave of absence from their jobs due to the shutdown, a beer is now priced at $2. However, Hadley will charge any member of Congress $25 for a beer because, according to him, “They are still getting paid plenty.”

However, the most unlucky customer that could possibly step foot into Sonoma would be President Obama. Why? Because Hadley would charge him $702 for a beer. How did he arrive at that price? Hadley says that's what he is paying -- $700 -- for insurance under Obamacare, and he just tacked on the additional $2 for good measure.

Bravo, Steve. Way to prove a point.