A 14-year-old boy, who was bitten by a deadly snake in India, took revenge by biting the reptile multiple times, until it died.

The incident took place in the eastern state of Jharkhand. Local media reports said Monday the boy was crossing a paddy field while returning home from work when he was attacked by the snake. The venomous reptile bit the boy on his leg. In retaliation, the boy caught the snake and bit it multiple times until it died, the people who live in the same village as the boy told Daily Pioneer.

The boy went home following the incident and informed his parents about it. Instead of taking him to a hospital, the family rushed him to an occultist. They believed the occultist would be able to treat the teenager by performing an exorcism, Live Hindustan reported [Google Translate showed].

As his condition deteriorated, the family then took him to a local hospital, where he died within a few hours. Locals said the lack of timely treatment led to the death of the minor boy. The victim has been identified as Sonu Singh, son of Kamlesh Singh of Baitri village of Garhwa district. The family performed the funeral of the boy Sunday.

It remains unclear what type of snake bit the boy.

There have been similar bizarre incidents in India where people have attacked back the snake that bit them. This is the third such incident in the country in the past one month.

Earlier this month, a 65-year-old man, who was bitten by a deadly snake, chewed the reptile in a bid to take revenge. However, the man died the following day. Local media reported the man was drunk when he bit the reptile and killed it. The incident took place in a rural area in the state of Bihar. The victim's relatives said the snake involved in the incident was a baby krait snake.

This was followed by another incident a few days later in the eastern state of Odisha. A 45-year-old man chewed a venomous snake to death after the reptile bit him in the foot.

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