A man in Australia was shocked to find a deadly snake hiding between flowers inside his house Thursday.

The Daily Mail shared details about the incident, and reported the snake was found Feb. 4 in the house in Plumpton, Victoria. After the reptile was found by the homeowner, a snake wrangler was called to remove it from the house.

The catcher arrived and pulled the flowers apart to spot the two-metre-long eastern brown snake. In a video, which showed the reptile being caught, the snake catcher can be heard saying, "He is a serious snake. Don't try this at home," the Daily Mail reported.

The snake catcher said the reptile most likely entered the home to escape the heat outside.

In the video, which was uploaded on social media, the snake can be seen trying to strike the catcher multiple times as he pulled it from between the flowers.

Eastern brown snakes, which are one of the deadliest reptiles in Australia, have the second most toxic venom in the world.

In a recent incident, a man in Sydney spotted a deadly snake chilling inside the fuel tank of his car. The man left a local pub in Revesby on Jan. 27, and as he approached his car he found the snake under it. The WILD Conservation staff arrived at the scene and spent nearly three hours trying to remove the snake from the car. Snake catcher Kane Durrant also attempted to get the reptile out with a hooked metal rod. "I've just got to manipulate him out, he'll be alright," he said in a video posted online at the time.

Durrant grabbed the snake with both hands and pulled it out. The video went viral and several users were frightened by the sight of the snake. The snake was later identified as a red-bellied black snake.

In another incident, a woman in Australia found a deadly snake coiled up inside her nightgown. Cheryl Gilchrist was getting ready for bed when she had the shock of her life as she put her hand into her pajama drawer. She felt something slimy brush against her hand, and found that it was a red-bellied black snake.

eastern brown snake
This photo taken on September 25, 2012 shows a deadly Australia eastern brown snake. WILLIAM WEST/AFP via Getty Images