A deadly snake that was presumed dead "came back to life" just when the snake catcher was preparing to place it in a bag and discard it in a bin.

Snake catcher Stuart McKenzie with Australia's Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 took to Facebook on Monday to share the incident.

He arrived at a business and found a small red-bellied snake under a bucket.

"This is still one of the most amazing things I have seen on a snake callout in my career. We were called out to a business where they put a bucket over a small Red Belly to try and contain it until we arrived (We obviously don't encourage people to do this)," he wrote.

When he lifted the bucket after arriving on the scene, he found that the snake's head "had been squashed under the edge of the bucket and there was no sign of life."

McKenzie then brought the reptile to his place. However, "the snake came back to life" when he was getting ready to place the reptile in a bag and put it in a bin, he wrote.

The snake catcher also shared a video of the rescue on Facebook. The 3-minute clip begins with McKenzie explaining how the snake died after its head was squashed under a bucket. As he shares the incident on camera, the reptile shows some movement, taking him off guard. The reptile then starts moving swiftly. The snake catcher immediately places it in a bag. The video then cuts to him releasing the deadly snake into the wild.

The video has since gone viral with over 1,800 likes. Several people took to the comments section to share their views.

"Amazing footage! Happy to see him back in the bush," one person commented. "How great of a video that was. It just wasn't his time to go!!!" another user wrote.

"My favorite video. It's so good to see him recover," wrote another person.

"It certainly is great to see this gorgeous snake come back to life," one Facebook user commented on the post.

Red Bellied Black Snake
A Red-bellied Black Snake showing its tongue. GETTY IMAGES