The "Deadpool" movie starring Ryan Reyonlds (pictured) will address the larger "X-Men" franchise, according to director Tim Miller (not pictured). 20th Century Fox

Any Marvel movie or comic book fan is likely salivating over the impending release of the upcoming standalone “Deadpool” movie starring Ryan Reynolds. However, with the character deeply rooted in the “X-Men” mythology, many are wondering how the new movie will fit into the canon of pre-existing films in the franchise.

Fortunately for curious fans, director Tim Miller is finally sharing some details about what you have to know about the other movies before buying a ticket to see “Deadpool.” It has previously been confirmed that the Deadpool character will exist within the same world as 20th Century Fox’s other movies. However, it will break the fourth wall significantly in order to explain why this version of Ryan Reynold’s Wade Wilson character doesn’t share any back story with the version presented in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine.” As many know, both that film and its treatment of the Deadpool character were not well received by critics and fans.

According to Collider, which had the privilege of visiting the set of “Deadpool,” the new movie will address Reynold’s previous failed foray into the Wade Wilson character by reportedly addressing the audience directly in order to make fun of it like everyone else. While it may sound like a cheat, “Deadpool” will need to establish the character’s ability to break the fourth wall and recognize that he exists within the context of a movie script -- a meta-quality that made his comic book counterpart such a joy to read. What better way than to explain how the character even exists at all?

However, just because the film plans to laugh off the franchise’s previous attempt at the merc with a mouth that doesn’t mean it will be ignoring the larger “X-Men” mythos altogether. The mutant team will exist in “Deadpool” and will even be addressed by way of the character Colossus (Andre Tricoteux).

For those unfamiliar, Colossus has had a small role in many of the previous films as the hero that’s able to coat his body in an impenetrable metallic substance at will. While a new actor will be stepping into the role for “Deadpool,” the character will remain the same. Speaking to ScreenRant, the director explained how Colossus will act as the X-Men’s Trojan horse in the upcoming film.

“When [Colossus] shows up you see the Blackbird in the background. It’s just a nod to the larger ‘X-Men’ universe that Deadpool really doesn’t want to be a part of. He’s had his chance. I mean, there’s a great line where Colossus says, ‘you could be a superhero’ and he’s like ‘yeah, I’ve seen my report card and I don’t want to be that guy,’” Miller told the outlet. “But I like the fact that he’s deliberately chosen not to be a part of that world, but it’s still there. Colossus is going to be great. He’s the manifestation of the rest of that universe.”

So, while “Deadpool” will battle his bad guys in the same world inhabited by Professor X (Patrick Stewart) and his X-Men, he won’t be gearing up to fight crime with them any time soon. In fact, as Den of Geek notes, the “Deadpool” movie is planning to rely heavily on lesser-known comic book characters in order to establish a chunk of the Marvel mutant universe all its own with roles such as Vanessa Carlysle (Morena Baccarin), Angel Dust (Gina Carano), Weasel (T.J. Miller) and Ajax (Ed Skrein).

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