• Debra Messing said that she started at a size 8 during her "Will & Grace" days but eventually dropped to a size 2
  • She said she did yoga and tried meal delivery services to lose weight
  • Messing realized she was too skinny but was maintaining her weight until she got sick

Debra Messing has opened up about her drastic weight loss during her time filming "Will & Grace," revealing the difficulties she experienced while trying to maintain a size 2.

During her recent appearance on Jameela Jamil's "I Weight" podcast, Messing revisited her time on the NBC sitcom. The actress revealed that she was a size 8 at the start of filming but eventually dropped to a size 2. Messing explained that at the time, she thought she needed to lose weight until she eventually found that she had become "way too skinny."

"When I started 'Will & Grace,' I was a size 8," the 51-year-old star told Jamil. "And what happened was, every time I would go in for a fitting, I couldn't fit into clothes. You know, 80 percent of it I couldn't fit into, and I would leave just hating my body and hating myself."

"I thought, 'My life would be so much easier, and it would be easier on everybody trying to do their job if I just lost weight," she continued.

To shed some pounds, Messing started doing yoga and tried the meal delivery service. At the time, she reduced to a size 6. She said the people around her noticed her slimmer frame and praised her "amazing" look, which motivated her to lose even more weight.

"I was way too skinny," Messing recalled. "But, you know, going in for those fittings, I fit into everything. And all of a sudden, I literally could fit into anything that was high fashion. So all of a sudden, everything seemed to open up for me, because I was a 2."

"For awhile there, I was maintaining that, and then I got sick," she added. "My body just could not hold out. My adrenals crashed, I was exhausted and it just became clear to me that I couldn't be healthy and a size 2 at the same time."

"Will & Grace" aired from September 1998 to May 2006 for eight seasons. Leslie Jordan confirmed that the series was renewed after over a decade in 2016, but at the time, Messing had denied it because they had not yet discussed the renewal.

NBC indeed renewed "Will & Grace" for Season 9 in January 2017. Due to its success, the network ordered two more seasons, before confirming that Season 11 would be the final season of the show.

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