A passenger ignited a lengthy Twitter war Saturday with Delta Air Lines in an attempt to retrieve his missing luggage.

The passenger, who was listed as John K John on Twitter, alleged that his luggage has been missing for roughly two weeks after he departed John F. Kennedy Airport in New York. The man claimed that his luggage was supposed to be delivered to Bradley International Airport in Hartford County, Connecticut, upon returning from his trip. 

"It's been nearly two weeks and I still don't have my bag," he wrote on Twitter. "It was supposed to get to BDL over a week ago and it's still sitting in JFK."

John tweeted Delta his rush tag number, but the airline then requested for his baggage claim number instead because the air carrier's search was "not coming up with any information." The passenger, however, shared a picture of a checked bag search he conducted on Delta's website. His search proved to bring about results for the location of his missing luggage, with the last activity dating back to Sunday. 

Delta claimed to have limited information on the whereabouts of the passenger's luggage primarily because  its vendors are contracted, but it confirmed Monday to John that its staff was still in the process of "sorting and sending luggage out through delivery services." 

"Okay...does that mean I’m going to get my bag soon or not?! And I better be compensated for this delay," John said in response. 

Delta apologized to John for his misplaced luggage.

"My sincere apology for your delayed bag," Dela wrote in a tweet. "The latest info I have is that your bag is at the JFK baggage office. The only way the bag is set for delivery is if you filed a delayed baggage report and indicated a delivery address."

The passenger's complaint continued to remain unresolved as the conversation moved back-and-forth, which led John to seemingly grow more frustrated with Delta's handling of his misplaced bags as he said: "I've heard that like 15 times already!!! Stop repeating yourself!"

Delta apologized and acknowledged the "repetitive nature" of the pair's interaction, but claimed that "it is a necessity that we continue to reach out for and anticipate updates to your baggage information." The airline, however, realized that John's luggage remained missing because he hadn't made a delayed luggage claim.

It has not been confirmed whether John has retrieved his luggage from Delta Air Lines at this time, but the air carrier informed the passenger that they would have the process expedited so that his bags would be delivered to his home in West Hartford before he leaves for India. There is no guarantee that the process will work, however.

"In the event that I cannot, you will need to contact the local baggage service office at Bradley Airport and open the claim via phone," Delta said. 

A representative for Delta Air Lines did not immediately return International Business Times' request for comment.