Demi Moore stepped out at the Margin Call premiere Monday night sans husband Ashton Kutcher, but with her wedding ring on display.

Also on display was Demi's gaunt frame, in a form-fitting Zac Posen dress that accentuated her apparent weight loss.

Everyone was remarking how thin Demi was, more so than usual, an observer at the premiere told Us Weekly. She seemed in a decent mood though, even a little happy to be there.

Not surprisingly, the 48-year old actress skipped the press line at the NYC premiere. She also bowed out of the afterparty on the rooftop of the Standard Hotel in Manhattan's meatpacking district.

The tipster told Us Weekly Demi was having some issues with her dress.

Ashton's absence is easily explained away -- the 33-year actor has been busy filming Two and Half Men in Los Angeles (and apologizing for the show's poor reception on Twitter).

This weekend, Kutcher -- also with his wedding ring on display -- flew solo at Bill Clinton's Decade of Difference concert and fundraiser in Hollywood. While presenting, Ashton reportedly referred to the anti-child sex trafficking organization he started with his wife as my DNA foundation.

Incidentally, Demi Moore retweeted a Daily Beast article about a victim of sex slavery on the same day.

Neither Demi or Ashton have tweeted in support of each other's projects since the news first broke of Kutcher's alleged affair with party girl Sara Leal.

After the Margin Call premiere, Moore tweeted to Zac Posen, thanking him for the dress she wore.

Demi and Ashton were last photographed together during a Kaballah camping retreat over Yom Kippur weekend, where some believe Kutcher was atoning for his sins of the flesh.

But speculation of an impending divorce has persisted, and a moving van was reportedly spotted near Ashton and Demi's Santa Monica home last week. (There is no confirmation the moving van was actually at their house).

One neighbor told Hollywood life the couple appears to be separated.

I don't think Ashton is living at the house anymore, the neighbor is reported as saying by Hollywood Life. I haven't seen him for over two months. I used to see him every once in a while and now I never see him. I saw Demi last week with her daughter Rumer, but as far is Ashton is concerned, I think he's living at another place.

Margin Call opens on Friday, Oct. 21.