Destiny 2 Season of Plunder - Arc
Destiny 2 Season of Plunder introduced Arc 3.0 to the game Bungie


  • Thunderclap is useful for one-shotting champions or yellow-bar enemies
  • The skill leaves the Titan vulnerable to incoming damage while charging
  • Get as much damage resistance possible to avoid getting downed 

The "Destiny 2" Arc 3.0 update is now live, and it has brought with it a slew of new aspects, fragments and abilities to play with.

One ability for the Titans lets players charge up a devastating punch that can obliterate everything short of a high-health boss or miniboss. Thunderclap is "Destiny 2's" first-ever charged melee attack, and so far, it's already filling its unique one-hit-delete niche rather nicely.

Here's a Thunderclap Titan build with the new perks and effects available to all Guardians.

Recommended Exotics

The good thing about Thunderclap is it has a fairly decent neutral game. It doesn't rely on exotics to be effective at what it does, but there are a few options that make it better.

The new Point-Contact Cannon Brace gauntlets are great for clearing weaker enemies around the Titan while they're charging up the punch. Meanwhile, Synthoceps is excellent for maxing out the punch's damage while surrounded by enemies.

Destiny 2 - Cannon Brace
The Point-Contact Cannon Brace in Destiny 2 Destiny 2

Wormgod's Caress can also be used, but the timing is very strict.

Aspects, Mods and Fragments

The core aspect for this build is Knockout, which electrifies the Titan's melee attacks and gives them a range of bonuses. The important parts here are the Arc-imbued punch and increased melee damage.

Pair this aspect with the following mod setup:

  • Bountiful Wells
  • 2x Melee Wellmaker
  • Well of Ions
  • Well of Striking

Since Knockout is counted as an ability, every Arc-imbued melee kill will spawn multiple Arc Wells that feed into Thunderclap's damage and energy. This removes the need for a Heavy-Handed setup and allows for more energy regeneration across all abilities.

Then, use the following fragments:

  • Spark of Resistance
  • Spark of Shock
  • Spark of Volts
  • Spark of Frequency

This setup will grant the Titan increased damage resistance while surrounded, which should almost always be the case when charging up a punch in front of a champion or elite enemy. This synergizes with Synthoceps as well.

Meanwhile, Spark of Shock can be used in tandem with Flashbang/Blinding Grenades to disable a large group of enemies, allowing for safer Thunderclaps on top of Spark of Resistance's damage resist.

The other two fragments can be swapped for virtually anything else, though Spark of Feedback should fit in nicely here once it is unlocked.

Destiny 2 - Thunderclap 2
The Thunderclap ability in Destiny 2's updated Arc 3.0 class screen Destiny 2