Destiny 2 Revision Zero
Revision Zero comes with a selectable fire mode and multiple catalysts Destiny 2


  • The Revision Zero's second catalyst quest is very similar to the first
  • The second Dead Exo is hidden inside a vent
  • The second unlocks additional gun perks

The second catalyst for the Revision Zero is now up for grabs in "Destiny 2," and thankfully, it's more of the same as last time. While there may not be much of a difference in terms of how to get the catalyst, there's definitely a lot to gain from unlocking it.

This week, players will be able to refit their Revision Zero with one of the perks available in its crafting menu, should they choose to finish this quest. The catalyst also gives the gun a noticeable stat bump, which pushes the weapon beyond its current limits.

Here's a quick guide on how to get the Revision Zero's second catalyst in "Destiny 2" Season 19.

Should you choose to accept it, here are the Part II quest steps:

  1. Speak with the Exo Frame
  2. Complete a Heist Battleground activity from the HELM playlist
  3. Finish Operation: Damocles (also from the HELM)
  4. Complete Patrols and defeat combatants on the Moon
  5. Open the dead drop at the end of the Moon's K1 Logistics Lost Sector
  6. Find the Dead Exo aboard the Seraph Station
  7. Complete Operation: Seraph Shield on Legend difficulty (again)
Destiny 2 Revision Zero Dead Drop 2
The dead drop at the end of the K1 Logistics Lost Sector Destiny 2

The steps here remain mostly the same as the first catalyst's quest, so players should have no trouble getting through each of them except for the last one.

The second Dead Exo is hidden inside the vents in the room after the Operator buff first appears. This is the part where players need to shoot several red panels in order to proceed to the next section of the map. It's hard to miss since a quest marker will point right to its location, and its placed conveniently before an important objective.

Once the Exo is found, complete Seraph Shield normally, and the catalyst should now be unlockable at the Enclave.

This is arguably the most important catalyst for Revision Zero as it opens up the fourth column of perks. The list includes top-tier PvE and PvP options like Vorpal Weapon, Eye of the Storm and Elemental Capacitor. The catalyst itself unlocks Under Pressure, and it will occupy the same slot as Feeding Frenzy from the first catalyst.

Next week, players can expect to get access to the Revision Zero's selection of gun stocks, which should give the weapon a few more stat bumps.

Destiny 2 Revision Zero sniper damage
Revision Zero's sniper shots deal increased damage with Whisper of Rending Destiny 2