Destiny 2 Spire Armor
The Western-themed armor sets introduced with in the Spire of the Watcher dungeon Bungie


  • Solar Titans offer great solo survivability
  • Weakened Clear is excellent against all Champions
  • Always adapt to Lost Sector conditions

"Destiny 2" Season 19's new artifact offers new ways to play the game's hard content. It just so happens that this season's set of mods heavily caters to solo players, which means that legend and master Lost Sector farming is going to be much easier than before.

Here's one solo player loadout for Titans that should make Lost Sector runs that much easier.

Recommended Weapons

Weapon choice is dictated by what shields and Champions are available in a Lost Sector. Always bring the appropriate Anti-Champion mod with matching elemental damage types to make runs flow smoother.

In Season 19, having a Grenade Launcher with the Unstoppable mod is highly recommended simply because of the Weakened Clear mod in the artifact. These two mods make GLs effective against every target as long as players can stun other Champions using the rest of their kit.

Witherhoard is excellent for melting Champions and bosses, though any other GL with Blinding Grenades can serve the same purpose just as well.

The preferred primary weapon here is the CALUS Mini Tool with Incandescent and Grave Robber. Pair this with Overload Rounds to stun Champions and two other weapons for stunning Unstoppable and Barrier Champions.

Destiny 2 IKELOS Weapons
The reprised IKELOS weapons in Destiny 2 Season 19 Bungie

Subclass Setup

Solar remains the most reliable choice for solo players because of its built-in healing, especially with Loreley Splendor equipped. For a more aggressive option, use Heart of Inmost Light instead. Then, use the following setup:


  • Sol Invictus
  • Roaring Flames (with Throwing Hammer)


  • Ember of Torches
  • Ember of Ashes
  • Ember of Solace


  • Burning Maul


  • Healing Grenade

Throwing Hammer with Roaring Flames can brute force its way through Match Game shields. The aspect also allows players to cause Solar Ignitions with their punches alone.

On the other hand, the Torches and Solace fragments grant players Radiant and increased durations on both it and Restoration effects. Use the spare Fragment slot for anything else.

Healing Grenades can be swapped out for Incendiary Grenades for better Scorch application.

Finally, cap the build off with Weakened Clear, Solo Operative, Melee Wellmaker and Font of Might.

Keep in mind that flexibility is still the king when it comes to farming this activity. This build should allow players to clear every Legend Lost Sector with relative ease with only minor changes to weapon choices. However, make sure to adapt according to what works best with whatever is available.

The Grand Overture exotic Machine Gun
The Grand Overture exotic Machine Gun Destiny 2