Destiny 2
Bungie will hold a limited beta for 'Destiny 2' Bungie

Fans of Destiny 2 have been waiting for a while to get a first hands-on look at the game, but the wait will soon be over. Developer Bungie announced Thursday that preloads for Destiny 2 are now available.

Preload availability was first confirmed on Twitter:

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Full access for the game beta will be unlocked on July 18, but the advanced notice still gives players some time to download the sizable package. For gamers with limited hard drive space, the beta will run around 12GB to 15GB of space, depending on your console. The beta is available on for Xbox One users through the Xbox Marketplace and for PlayStation 4 users at the PlayStation Store.

Bungie will also unlock the beta in a rolling process over this time period. The beta will unlock at 10 a.m. PDT July 18 for PlayStation 4 users who pre-ordered Destiny 2 . It’ll then unlock at the same time July 19 for Xbox One users. Beginning July 21, the game will finally unlock for all PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users before the beta closes down at 9 p.m. PDT July 23.

The beta is expected to feature an early peek at several parts of Destiny 2 . These include two new Crucible game modes, a new strike and an early runthrough for the game’s opening stage. In a blog post Thursday, Bungie also announced character classes Strike, Gunslinger and Voidwalker will also be available for players to select. For the beta, their top path abilities will also be automatically unlocked.

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As with most betas, the game will still be in an in-development stage. Bungie warns that occasional networking stability or minor gameplay issues could pop up during the beta. The developer also previously confirmed that a beta would be coming to PC users, though details for the period have yet to be confirmed outside of a general late August window.

In advance of its formal announcement this spring, Destiny 2 was subject to its share of speculation from fans. As the first major followup to Microsoft’s long-running Halo series from Bungie, Destiny earned acclaim from fans thanks to its sci-fi inspired first-person shooter gameplay.

Destiny 2 will be available Sept. 6 on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The game will get a PC release on Oct. 24.