A glowing Titan helmet and gauntlets from the 2022 Solstice event in Destiny 2
A glowing Titan helmet and gauntlets from the 2022 Solstice event in Destiny 2 Destiny 2


  • Multiple damage buffs can stack on top of each other
  • The Firewalker perk only works for Solar weapons
  • Use Sol Invictus to gain increased survivability

Sunbreakers can deal extreme amounts of Solar weapon damage in "Destiny 2's" PvE activities, easily topping the DPS of the other classes through a combination of mods, gear pieces and subclass-specific synergies.

Even though Solar Titans are more popular for their Throwing Hammer antics, this subclass can be equipped to lay down overwhelming torrents of fire from their weapons alone, giving them a very strong neutral game stance that doesn't require much effort to activate. Here's how to set this loadout up.

Weapons and Armor

The main strength of this build comes from the Path of Burning Steps exotic leg armor and its intrinsic Firewalker trait, which basically grants the Rampage perk to any Solar weapon that a Titan wields. This effect stacks with any other damage booster like weapon perks or armor mods.

Four stacks of Firewalker buffs Solar weapon damage by 40%.

Pair this with any Solar weapon with a damage-increasing perk like the Ammit AR2, BXR-55 Battler or Strident Whistle to gain massively increased primary weapon DPS. Exotics like Tommy's Matchbook or Tarrabah are also excellent picks for this build.

The exotic Tarrabah SMG in Destiny 2
The exotic Tarrabah SMG in Destiny 2 Destiny 2


  • Swift/Sustained/Precisely Charged
  • High-Energy Fire
  • Melee Wellmaker
  • Font of Might
  • Stacks on Stacks

High-Energy Fire and Font of Might grant two more sources of bonus damage that stack on top of Firewalker and any weapon perk. Players should pick the correct Charged With Light mod based on the weapon they decide to equip.

Class Setup

For aspects, use Roaring Flames and Sol Invictus. These won't affect weapon damage, but they will greatly improve survivability. Pair these with Throwing Hammer for on-demand Sunspot and elemental well generation to proc Font of Might. Also, consider using Rally Barricade for improved weapon stats.

Then, use the following fragments to improve overall performance:

  • Ember of Torches
  • Ember of Solace
  • Ember of Empyrean
  • Ember of Singeing

This setup will add the final damage buff to the build: Radiant. Use Throwing Hammer to become Radiant and get the Font of Might buff, then mow enemies down to become charged and gain the effects of High-Energy Fire. Afterward, take advantage of whatever weapon damage buff is available.

Note that this build excels against hordes of red and yellow-bar enemies. Its damage will fall off against bosses.

Destiny 2 - BXR
The BxR-55 Battler from Destiny 2's Dares of Eternity Destiny 2