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  • Umbral Engrams can be converted into high-stat armor pieces at the HELM
  • The Pit of Heresy has guaranteed armor drops in the final encounter
  • Duality's final boss also drops high-stat armor on Master difficulty

Every season in "Destiny 2" adds some new ways for players to enjoy the game. These include additional methods for farming high-stat armor pieces in the endgame where Guardians can stand toe-to-toe against the worst enemies in the game.

Even new players can obtain those perfectly-rolled armor pieces, but the difficulty of doing so will depend on the method they choose. Here are three best ways to get armor pieces with mid-high-60 stat scores in "Destiny 2" season 18.

Umbral Engram Focusing

The best way to spend spare Umbral Engrams is to focus them on either the Crown of Sorrows or the War Table at the HELM. For some reason, these two vendors always churn out high-stat armor rolls whenever players use them to focus on their respective seasonal armor pieces.

Keep in mind that this will only work for players who have unlocked the ability to focus armor from the vendor's upgrades menu. Additionally, this method is only available for players who own bought access to seasons 16 and 17 or this year's season pass.

This also applies to the Star Chart, this season's item and upgrade vendor.

Destiny 2 - Armor Stats
A high-stat armor piece from the War Table in Destiny 2 Season of Plunder Destiny 2

The Pit of Heresy Dungeon

The main allure of the Pit of Heresy dungeon in the Moon is the guaranteed high-stat armor drops in the final encounter. These will require a full fireteam of Guardians who know how to deal with the dungeon's mechanics. But a single player with enough experience and firepower should be able to solo this encounter, thanks to the updated subclasses.

Make sure to save the dungeon's checkpoint on an alternate character before farming. At the same time, check if Pit of Heresy is on the weekly rotator. If this isn't the case, then players won't be able to farm the final encounter.

Master Duality – Caiatl Boss Fight

This is the hardest but most rewarding farming method. Completing the Duality dungeon's final boss on Master difficulty also drops guaranteed high-stat armor pieces and the rest of the drops from the dungeon. These include weapons like the New Purpose pulse rifle and the Unforgiven SMG.

A well-equipped fireteam can defeat the boss in a single phase if they know what to do and if they can coordinate their attacks.

The Unforgiven SMG from the Duality dungeon - Destiny 2
The Unforgiven SMG from the Duality dungeon - Destiny 2 Destiny 2 (via