Destiny 2 - Titan
Titans serve at the frontlines of the conflicts against man's enemies Bungie


  • Path of Burning Steps works on all Solar weapons
  • The BXR-55 is a very popular meta weapon in Season 18 Trials
  • Damage buffs from the armor piece and the weapon stack on top of each other

Pulse rifles have rapidly made their way back into the PvP meta in "Destiny 2," thanks to the variety of mid- and long-ranged maps in the current selection pool.

Titans, in particular, can use pulse rifles to even greater effect with certain exotic armor pieces, Rally Barricade and their innate class abilities. Players who want to take this one step further can use this loadout to assert and maintain mid-range dominance across majority of the Crucible's battlegrounds.

The Loadout

The star of this build is the Path of Burning Steps exotic leg armor. Essentially, this grants any Solar weapon a small damage bonus every time the player lands a kill. This armor trait grants any Solar weapon the Rampage perk, and it can stack with any other damage-boosting effect from other sources.

The weapon of choice for this loadout is the BXR-55 Battler pulse rifle from Dares of Eternity. This gun saw extensive use in Season 18's first Trials of Osiris weekend. It was the second most-used gun, right next to the No Time to Explain, according to Trials Report.

Destiny 2 - BXR
The BxR-55 Battler from Destiny 2's Dares of Eternity Destiny 2

This pulse rifle can roll with Kill Clip, which will stack on top of the Path of Burning Steps effect. When both effects are active, players can see critical hit damage numbers of up to 41, leading to very easy two-burst kills against Guardians of all Resilience levels.

Players who own a BXR with Adrenaline Junkie can keep their kill streaks rolling without reloading. Unfortunately, this perk no longer drops for the gun in Season 18.

Armor Mods

Since this build is designed to steamroll enemies in the bigger playlists, Swift Charge, High-Energy Fire and Stacks on Stacks are highly recommended.

Swift Charge charges players with Light after rapidly defeating multiple targets. When charged, High-Energy Fire will grant even more damage on top of the BXR's damage perk and Path of Burning Steps' stacking boost. Meanwhile, Stacks on Stacks will grant more charges of Light per Swift Charge activation.

With all of these effects on top of each other, players will be able to down opponents with a burst to the head and another to the body.

The Path of Burning Steps exotic leg armor for Titans in Destiny 2
The Path of Burning Steps exotic leg armor for Titans in Destiny 2 Destiny 2