Destiny 2 - Titan
Titans serve at the frontlines of the conflicts against man's enemies Bungie


  • Heavy-Handed generates special ammo after every kill with a CQB weapon
  • No Backup Plans synergizes with Heavy-Handed's energy regeneration effect
  • Use Quick Charge to remain Charged with Light for longer

Shotguns are extremely lethal up close, but their ammo capacity prevents them from being used as primary weapons in "Destiny 2," unlike in other games.

However, there is a way to constantly generate special ammo for shotguns, and the mods used for this setup just so happen to synergize well with one of the forgotten exotics in the Sentinel's arsenal. Here are the recommended mods, weapons and class abilities for the build.

Recommended Weapons and Exotics

This build is heavily inspired by YouTuber Spade's Endless Shotgun build, except it utilizes the No Backup Plans exotic gauntlets. For those who don't remember, this armor piece generates an Overshield for the Titan upon scoring a shotgun kill in exchange for their Void ability energy.

Players can use any shotgun they want regardless of elemental damage type, but consider using one with One-Two Punch for the sake of the rest of the build.

Mods and Abilities

Start by equipping Bastion and Offensive Bulwark. The former provides an on-demand Overshield, while the latter grants bonuses whenever the Titan has an active Overshield. These also apply to the shield granted by No Backup Plans.

Destiny 2 - No Backup Plans
No Backup Plans is designed ot be used with the Sentinel subclass and shotguns Destiny 2

With these aspects, players should be able to constantly refresh their Overshield by punching enemies to death. Any normal red-bar mob should go down in a single Offensive Bulwark-empowered melee attack, while tougher targets can be taken down with the shotgun and One-Two Punch melees.

Also, use Shield Bash for the lower cooldown and higher burst damage.

For fragments, use the following:

  • Echo of Exchange
  • Echo of Provision
  • Echo of Undermining

Exchange and Provision will constantly feed melee and grenade energy back to the player as long as they're spamming abilities. Meanwhile, Undermining will cause targets to get debuffed when hit by a grenade.

Armor Mods

  • Heavy-Handed
  • Quick Charge
  • Stacks on Stacks
  • Melee Kickstart
  • Utility Kickstart

Heavy-Handed will generate special ammo on shotgun kill, and when players are Charged with Light, they will get half of their melee energy back when a powered melee attack (or No Backup Plans) is used. Meanwhile, Quick Charge and Stacks on Stacks will guarantee players never run out of Charged with Light stacks.

This build's playstyle is very melee-oriented, so consider using 100 Resilience.

The Fourth Horseman is an exotic shotgun with high damage and a fast rate of fire - Destiny 2
The Fourth Horseman is an exotic shotgun with high damage and a fast rate of fire Destiny 2