Destiny 2 - Striker Titans
The Striker subclass for Titans in Destiny 2 Bungie


  • Touch of Thunder greatly increases the damage potential of Storm Grenade
  • Lightning Strikes Twice vastly improves the regeneration rate of Arc grenades
  • Thunderclap and Thruster are good for activating the Heart of Inmost Light

The Striker subclass offers some of the best grenade builds in "Destiny 2." The sheer destructive prowess of an Arc Titan wielding the power of lightning is capable of tearing through the most difficult PvE content with relative ease.

Here's a build that takes advantage of everything Arc 3.0 has to offer together with some of "Season of Plunder's" unique artifact mods.

Recommended Exotic

As with most grenade builds for Titans, Heart of Inmost Light offers the most mileage out of all exotics. Not only does it increase the regeneration rate of all abilities, but it also buffs their effectiveness.

For the weapon, players can choose between Thunderlord, Trinity Ghoul or any weapon with Voltshot. These Arc weapons will synergize with the mods and fragments listed below, and they offer very solid AoE damage that's great against large groups of targets.

Weapons with the Demolitionist or Wellspring perks are very useful alternatives.

Destiny 2 - Thunderlord
The Thunderlord exotic machine gun in Destiny 2 Destiny 2

The Class Setup

For this build, the keystone aspect is Touch of Thunder, which grants additional effects to the Striker's grenades.

In a previous build, this aspect was used together with Pulse Grenades to continuously generate Ionic Traces. This build, however, will feature Storm Grenades and their insanely high damage output against combatants.

For the second aspect, use Knockout for the melee attack bonuses. Cap the build off with the Thruster class ability and Thunderclap to activate Heart of Inmost Light's effect more frequently and without filling the battlefield with Barricades.

Use an armor set with 100 Discipline for maximum effectiveness.


  • Lightning Strikes Twice
  • Grenade Kickstart
  • Elemental Ordnance
  • Bomber


  • Spark of Shocks
  • Spark of Ions
  • Spark of Magnitude
  • Spark of Amplitude

This combination of mods and fragments is designed to maximize the duration of Storm Grenade and the player's grenade energy recharge.

Lightning Strikes Twice and Grenade Kickstart are essential to gaining Storm Grenade back when fighting a single strong target like a champion or a raid boss. Meanwhile, Elemental Ordnance is meant to make Storm Grenade available more often in horde situations as the elemental wells, along with Ionic Traces, will feed energy back to the player.

Destiny 2 - Plunder Mods
The artifact mods for Destiny 2 Season of Plunder Destiny 2