Destiny 2 Lightfall
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  • Rain of Fire still applies Radiant even without being on Dawnblade
  • Heavy-Handed can be used to regenerate fusion rifle ammo
  • Use grenade energy mods and fragments to complement the build

The Void subclass in "Destiny 2" offers some of the most devastating builds in terms of sheer firepower. Thanks to the ease of use of Volatile Rounds and the plethora of powerful Void weapon options, Guardians can steamroll through PvE content without sacrificing much in terms of DPS or survivability.

Warlocks in particular have an interesting Void build that revolves around stacking damage buffs while constantly regenerating fusion rifle ammo. Here's how to set it up.

Recommended Weapons and Exotics

This build uses the Rain of Fire exotic leg piece despite being on the Voidwalker subclass. This armor piece grants Radiant to the Warlock upon scoring a fusion rifle or linear fusion rifle kill even without using the Solar subclass. Take note that the Voidwalker's lack of an aerial dodge ability means they won't be able to use the exotic's reload function.

Destiny 2 - Rain of Fire
The Rain of Fire exotic leg armor for Warlocks Destiny 2

For the main weapon, players should use the Likely Suspect fusion rifle with Slideways and either Frenzy or One-For-All. The former will let players top their magazine off without reloading, while the latter options grant more damage.

If survivability is an issue, use The Epicurean with Repulsor Brace instead.

Mods and Class Setup

To achieve near-infinite ammo for fusion rifles, equip the Heavy-Handed mod in any Arc armor piece. This mod comes with the Lock and Load sub-effect, which causes shotgun or fusion rifle kills to generate special ammo when the player is surrounded by at least three enemies.

Combine this with Quick Charge and the Extra Reserves mod so that special ammo bricks spawn more often while scoring fusion rifle kills. Cap the build off with Fusion Rifle Ammo Finder and either an SMG or sidearm in the Kinetic slot.

Use Feed the Void and Child of the Old Gods for heal-on-kill and ability regeneration respectively. Then, pair this with the following fragments:

  • Echo of Reprisal
  • Echo of Instability
  • Echo of Exchange
  • Echo of Expulsion

This setup will grant enhanced grenade and Super energy regeneration as well as excellent AoE damage. But Echo of Expulsion can be swapped with something else so players can more easily manage the number of enemies surrounding them.

On a final note, consider using Reaping Wellmaker with Font of Might instead of Extra Reserves for stronger damage per burst.

Destiny 2 - Likely Suspect
The Likely Suspect fusion rifle from The Witch Queen expansion Destiny 2