Destiny 2 Retrofit Escapade
The Retrofit Escapade from Destiny 2 Season of the Seraph Destiny 2


  • Retrofit Escapade can roll with Fourth Time's The Charm and Target Lock
  • Target Lock is amazing against single-target encounters
  • The weapon works well with a number of class-specific exotics

There have been a ton of machine guns in "Destiny 2's" timeline, and as far as PvE goes, only a few can even compare to the Retrofit Escapade, one of the new weapons introduced in "Season of the Seraph."

Last year, Bungie made a couple of big changes to how machine guns perform against AI combatants. Almost every gun in the category got a 20% damage buff against bosses and a 40% boost against everything else.

Retrofit Escapade, a 900RPM legendary Void Machine Gun, makes such efficient use of this buff that it blows every other weapon of its kind out of the water when it comes to dealing with normal chaff and bosses alike—all thanks to a very specific perk combination.

This gun's perk pool comes with Fourth Time's The Charm and Target Lock, a new trait that has immediately proven itself to be a must-have for high-capacity boss melters.

Destiny 2 Retrofit Escapade Perk
Retrofit Escapade rolls with the Target Lock perk Destiny 2

To explain, Fourth Time's The Charm (FTTC) returns two bullets to the weapon's magazine every time the player hits four precision shots within a short time. It doesn't have to be four consecutive crits as long as players can get to that magic number within two seconds of the last precision shot.

Meanwhile, Target Lock grants a damage bonus of up to 50% depending on how long players have been shooting at a single target. The perk reaches its maximum damage stack quicker depending on how fast a weapon shoots.

The synergy between the two perks should be clear now. With FTTC, players will be able to rain down a hail of super-buffed Machine Gun fire on a single target for an extended period of time. This can be pushed to even crazier heights with Volatile Rounds and exotics like Mantle of Battle Harmony, Gyrfalcon's Hauberk and Actium War Rig.

As of Season 19, Retrofit Escapade is the only machine gun in the game to have this perk combination. Unless another one arrives soon, it may be one of the top choices come the first few weeks of "Lightfall" once it launches on Feb. 28.

The default roll for the Mantle of Battle Harmony in Destiny 2
The default roll for the Mantle of Battle Harmony in Destiny 2 Destiny 2