Destiny 2 IKELOS Weapons
The reprised IKELOS weapons in Destiny 2 Season 19 Bungie


  • IKELOS weapons drop from Warmind Nodes hidden in certain areas
  • Players need Override Frequencies to open Warmind Nodes
  • Some nodes are hidden aboard the Seraph Station

The IKELOS weapons from "Destiny 2: Warmind" are back in "Season of the Seraph" with brand-new sets of perks that players might want to grind for.

Although the earlier iterations of these weapons were overshadowed by some of the game's stronger offerings, the IKELOS v.1.0.3 line offers more unique perk combos compared to their earlier counterparts—combos that can synergize extremely well with certain builds.

However, getting a perfectly-rolled shotgun or SMG can be a little tedious, especially considering how these guns don't just drop from anywhere anymore.

Where to get IKELOS weapons in Season 19

The revamped IKELOS guns can be obtained by opening hidden Warmind Nodes scattered across Europa, the Moon and Seraph Station. These nodes act as chests that give players a random IKELOS weapon. With a little luck, the nodes might give a Deepsighted instead of a normal one.

Destiny 2 Ikelos SMG v1.0.3
The IKELOS SMG v1.0.3 in Destiny 2 Season 19 Destiny 2

Players will only be able to open these caches if they have the correct Override Frequency code in their inventory. To get one, collect Resonate Stems and interact with them in the Inventory screen to create a Resonance Amp, which will provide the code needed to crack a cache.

Completing Heist Battlegrounds is the best way to earn stems since players can get up to four per run, assuming that they also open the Seraph Chest at the end. Otherwise, complete any other playlist activity to get two stems per run.

View the Override Frequency inside the Inventory. It will display a rough location of its designated cache. They can be a little hard to find. Follow the sound of classical music to discover the caches' locations.

Farming IKELOS Weapons

The most efficient way to get IKELOS weapons is to first find at least one copy of each gun from Warmind Nodes. Then, unlock the relevant focusing upgrade at the Exo Frame in order to convert Umbral Engrams into IKELOS weapons.

Apart from the engrams, players will also need to farm for Seraphic Umbral Energy. As per usual, finish any playlist activity to gain a small amount of energy at the end of each run. Umbral Energy can be farmed even faster by completing Heist Battlegrounds and opening Seraph Chests.

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