Destiny 2 Bump in the Night
The Bump in the Night Rocket Launcher Destiny 2


  • Bump in the Night can roll with Demolitionist and Chill Clip
  • Chill Clip freezes enemies, which causes Shatter damage
  • Wolfpack Rounds is affected by Chill Clip's effects

Players in the "Destiny 2" community have been constantly finding new ways to redefine the game's meta in Season 19, and this is just one more discovery that may be a couple of seasons late.

Bump in the Night, a Stasis Rocket Launcher that was first released in "Season of the Haunted," has taken the power weapon spotlight right next to the Retrofit Escapade, another category-defining option that melts bosses like butter.

Despite being released two seasons ago, Bump in the Night's true potential was only recently recognized. It is the only Rocket Launcher in the game so far that can roll with Demolitionist for instant reloads and Chill Clip, a perk that causes munitions to slow and eventually freeze targets on consecutive hits.

The thing about Chill Clip is that it tacks on an extra layer of damage in the form of Shatter damage, which is only dealt by breaking Stasis crystals or frozen enemies.

Destiny 2 Bump in the Night Perk
Bump in the Night rolls with Chill Clip Destiny 2

Since multiple Chill Clip rocket hits eventually lead to enemies being frozen, follow-up shots then do both impact and explosion damage along with Shatter damage to deal absurd amounts of DPS.

Naturally, Gjallarhorn is a no-brainer when it comes to buffing BitN's damage. However, what players didn't realize in the previous seasons was that each individual mini-rocket from Wolfpack Rounds actually inflicts Chill Clip as well. This leads to near-instant freezing with one rocket followed by several bursts of Shatter damage thanks to Chill Clip.

This essentially results in an absolute wrecking ball of a weapon. Players, such as YouTuber Above, have already proven that four Bumps in the Night supported by Gjallarhorn and Divinity can one-phase Taniks in the Deep Stone Crypt with plenty of ammo left to spare.

Chill Clip's insane damage potential can also be reached with the Palmyra-B Rocket Launcher. However, since it falls under the Hakke Precision Frame archetype, this weapon does not deal as much impact damage as Bump in the Night.

The interaction between the perk and Wolfpack Rounds does seem to be unintentional. Bungie may or may not nerf this in a future patch but as of Season 19, it's readily available for players to exploit.

Destiny 2 Crown of Sorrow
Haunted weapons can be focused at the Crown of Sorrow Destiny 2