Coldheart in Destiny 2 Season 19
Coldheart in Destiny 2 Season 19 Destiny 2


  • Coldheart now reaches its peak DPS faster
  • Warlocks generate tons of Ionic Traces with Coldheart
  • Use Fallen Sunstar for even more Traces

A few months ago, "Destiny 2's" Coldheart got a big buff to its overall functionality wherein it got a new feature that made it generate Ionic Traces that significantly improved the ability regeneration of its wielder.

In "Destiny 2" Season 19, Bungie buffed Coldheart further by making its innate damage ramp up mechanic scale faster, and even more so after a player picks up an Ionic Trace. This opens up a ton of new build possibilities across all classes, but Arc Warlocks can push this to the extreme.

Season 19 Coldheart Build

The specifics of the Coldheart buff are as follows:

  • Picking up an Ionic Trace reduces the time it takes to get to max damage
  • Reduced Ionic Trace generation cooldown to 2 seconds
  • Reload speed and stability maxes out when at maximum damage output

The buff effectively increased the DPS of the weapon substantially while also boosting its energy generation.

This build will focus on the damage output part of Coldheart. Warlocks can dish out tremendous DPS with this weapon along with Mantle of Battle Harmony, which buffs the damage output of firearms that match its wearer's equipped subclass as long as their Super bar is full. It also helps generate more Super energy.

The default roll for the Mantle of Battle Harmony in Destiny 2
The default roll for the Mantle of Battle Harmony in Destiny 2 Destiny 2

Players can also use other exotics like Fallen Sunstar or Crown of Tempests to get absurd levels of ability energy regeneration, though the focus would then shift to using grenades and melee skills instead of Coldheart itself.

Class Setup

  • Aspects
    • Electrostatic Mind
    • Arc Soul
    • Fragments
      • Spark of Momentum
      • Spark of Ions
      • Spark of Brilliance
      • Spark of Beacons

This setup is designed to generate even more Ionic Traces on top of creating blinding flashes of light that stun combatants in PvE whenever Coldheart scores a precision kill. Players will be able to clear swathes of fodder enemies and yellow-bar targets with ease as long as Coldheart's damage is maxed out.

Armor Mods

Since Trace Rifles generally are very ammo-hungry, players should equip Scavenger and Ammo Finder mods on their armor. Then, use Font of Might together with Elemental Armaments to create Elemental Wells.

Cap the setup off with Harmonic Siphon, Overcharge Wellmaker, Special Finisher and Monochromatic Maestro for on-demand Coldheart ammo, better Super energy generation and even more damage with Arc weapons.

Destiny 2 - Crown of Tempests
The Crown of Tempests exotic helmet for Warlocks Destiny 2