The new Solar-themed armor set in Destiny 2 Season of the Haunted
The new Solar-themed armor set in Destiny 2 Season of the Haunted Bungie


  • Healing Grenades are almost twice as effective in the hands of a Warlock
  • Touch of Flame greatly increases Warlock-specific Solar grenades
  • Incandescent can help with ability regeneration in "Destiny 2"

Even with the removal of Classy Restoration from the seasonal artifacts list, Warlocks still can wade through enemy fire without dropping dead.

Now that the Titan's Loreley Splendor helmet got nerfed, only the Warlock class can gain two stacks of the Restoration effect. Not only does this make them stand out among the three classes, it also lets them play somewhat recklessly when tackling even the game's hardest content.

The Class Setup

The star of this show is the Touch of Flame aspect, which greatly enhances the effects of the Warlock-specific Solar grenades. This is directly meant to affect the power of Healing Grenades, in particular, since they will grant two Restoration stacks instead of just one.

The reworked Dawnblade tree for Warlocks in Destiny 2
The reworked Dawnblade tree for Warlocks in Destiny 2 Destiny 2

Restoration grants a healing effect that does not get canceled by damage. One stack heals for 50 health per second, while two stacks restore 80 health per second. The healing will only get canceled if players are hit by a strong-enough blast, or if they are hit by disrupting effects like the homing missiles from Cabal Colossi.

For fragments, take Solace and Torches. These will increase the duration of Restoration while also granting the Radiant buff upon a successful powered melee hit. Then, equip Empyrean for the Restoration and Radiant refresh whenever an enemy gets killed with Solar weapons.

Feel free to take either Icarus Dash or Heat Rises based on preference.

For mods, use Melee Wellmaker with Bountiful Wells for faster ability cooldowns through elemental well generation.

Recommended Gear

This build is very flexible when it comes to exotic gear choices. However, if players want to get as many healing sources as they can, the Karnstein Armlets should be on the top of their list. Alternatively, Lunafaction Boots will do great for a support-oriented build.

As for weapons, players can freely use Tommy's Matchbook for this build. The sheer amount of healing they'll receive from their grenades will offset the Matchbook's self-damage portion.

Any guns with the Incandescent perk, such as the CALUS Mini Tool and the Zaouli's Bane, are also excellent for this build. The perk helps clear groups of enemies and synergizes with fragments that affect Scorch and Ignition.

Destiny 2 - Zaouli's Bane
The Zaouli's Bane hand cannon from King's Fall Destiny 2