In Western Australia, diabetes -the country's rapid-growing chronic disease - is currently affecting a total of 90,000 people in WA even though health experts have been alerting the public about its dangerous health implications.

About 275 Australians develop diabetes per day and for one person who has been diagnosed, another person lives with diabetes, without being aware of it, said Sue Stockdale, dietician of Diabetes WA.

The reason why most people are unaware could be due to them pinning the symptoms of deteriorating eye health and others on their increasing age, said Ms Stockdale.

The symptoms of diabetes, if left untreated, could exacerbate the health of the eyes, kidneys and nerve endings.

Type 2 diabetes, for many people, is preventable through exercise. Spending about 30 minutes of moderate activity - till your breaths are labored, but still able to hold a conversation - every day helps, said Ms Stockdale.

She said while people could not change the risk factors like family history or ethnicity, they sure could help themselves with exercise.

Scientist at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research in Sydney found a small weight reduction by 6kg could offer significant health benefits for obese people and especially those diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

Excess fat, the scientists advised, was a known factor that attacks cells in the body instead of being protective of them.

Weight loss according to the study appeared to reverse the damage that had been done by excess fat to the cells.

Associate Professor Katherine Samaras from the Garvan Institute said, People must be made aware that excess fat will affect their immune system and therefore their survival.

People who have diabetes have double the chance of developing heart disease compared with those without diabetes. The condition carries elevated risks for high blood pressure and stroke.

Diabetes makes your body more vulnerable to infections such as foot infections, surgical site infections, urinary tract infections and more - all of which can set off serious health complications.

It is very crucial for people to change their lifestyle if they are serious about dodging the type 2 diabetes health risk, which is preventable, in most cases.