'Diablo 3' Release Date: New Witch Doctor Class Revealed, 'Crippling Diseases, Potent Alchemy and Ancient Rites' To Come [VIDEO]
The release date for Blizzard's "Diablo 3" is approaching, and the company has unveiled yet another exciting revelation for eager gamers. With the conclusion of this weekend's open beta "stress test," Blizzard launched a video to show off one of the game's five classes, the Witch Doctor. Blizzard Entertainment

The day some gamers have been anticipating for a decade is finally almost here: the Diablo 3 release date. Ever since Blizzard announced a May 15th launch for the next installment in the dungeon crawler trilogy, fans have been counting down the days. There has been a lot of speculation over the past couple of months about how Blizzard will approach the upcoming release, with rumors of a possible console edition flurrying among gaming community.

However, the hype doesn't seem to intimidate Blizzard, according to ComputerAndVideoGames.com.

Ever since we first put up the website for 'Diablo 3' we've had a very active fan community, lead technical artist Julian Love said to the video game website. It's much better to have people passionate about your game than not and the trend we've seen is that most fans are positive.

Although the game is less than a day from its launch, Blizzard has yet to confirm any solid plans for a transition to consoles. Senior World Designer Leonard Boyraski told CVG that the company is continuing to explore the possibilities.

With the Diablo 3 release date quickly approaching, gamers are sure to be prepping their PCs for the big day. For those panicking about potential hardware issues and upgrades, there are ways to ensure that Diablo 3 will run smoothly that won't cost a bundle.

According to Gamespot, low to mid-tier GPU cards are capable of running Diablo 3, but a little extra investment will allow players to handle more demanding titles also. For those owning a system manufactured within the last five years, an upgrade GPU could add an extra edge. An entry-level GPU capable of handling Diablo 3 on medium settings is the Radeon HD 6670, which sells for between $90 and $100 before a $10 rebate. This is a pretty reasonable upgrade for those operating on a PC with an underwhelming GPU, as Gamespot's Peter Brown.

If updating a GPU isn't an option, there is an affordable way to build an entirely new PC. The right Ivy Bridge CPU can allow gamers to play Diablo 3 without a dedicated graphics card. The suggested model is Intel's HD Graphics 4000 silicon, and Brown continues to explain why this is a viable option.

Consider building a new machine from scratch, he writes, convincing gamers that the suggestion isn't a completely unrealistic idea. Parts don't always come cheap, and you often cut corners to afford a particular piece of equipment. Now consider building a machine and dumping all your GPU money into the CPU and other components. Since you can actually play games, you aren't sacrificing anything other than polish.

It's also crucial to consider the motherboard, CPU, RAM, and power supply of the machine, which Brown details further in his report. If gamers have participated in the Diablo 3 beta, it's important to note how well it ran on a user's current machine. Be sure to check out the required hardware specifications on the official website for Diablo 3. The game is sure to run on any computer built within the last five years, even if that means players must operate on the lowest settings.

But for Diablo, that's an acceptable scenario, Brown writes. Even on the lowest settings, you can still appreciate 'Diablo 3's' masterful art direction.

Check out Gamespot's video from October 2011 displaying quality settings and their impact on the visuals.

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