Charlie Puth may have just referenced Selena Gomez in his music video for “How Long.”

The 25-year-old singer unveiled the music video on Friday, and fans immediately speculated on the possibility of Puth indirectly referencing Gomez. In one of the scenes, the singer looked at the painting of a woman wearing a white gown. The woman’s hair in the drawing looks very similar to that of Gomez. Her eyes are covered with a red piece of cloth.

Twitter blew up with fans speculating on Gomez’s connection to the woman in the painting. The former “Barney & Friends” star and Puth teamed up in the 2016 hit song, “We Don’t Talk Anymore.” In 2015, they were linked romantically, but Gomez said that that they were just friends at that time, according to Entertainment Tonight. The “Kill Em With Kindness” singer is now in a relationship with The Weeknd.

Last year, Puth was asked to comment on his relationship with Gomez during a radio interview. “I’m trying to evade the question. We’re friends, and I’m very happy to have collaborated with her. She’s a really awesome singer,” he said. When pried to elaborate further on his connection with Gomez, Puth said that they are nothing more than friends.

“We did a song together and people think that there’s more, but we just musically collaborated. I’m going on tour with her. She’s gracious enough to let me come on a couple dates with her,” he said. When the host of 94.7 Fresh FM’s “The Tommy Show” joked about Puth saying “dates” with Gomez, the singer clarified that he meant “tour dates.”

“Yes, tour dates. She’s really, really awesome and she’s a really, really fantastic singer and kills it in the studio, and I love working with singers who just know what to do right away,” he said.

Puth was previously linked to Meghan Trainor and Hailee Steinfeld. But his first relationship was with his classmate when he was in 6th grade. On his Twitter account, the “Marvin Gaye” singer shared that he was the one who broke up with her via a Post-It note.