Pop singer Solange Knowles allegedly spoke out about the now infamous fight that took place between her and Jay Z last week in an elevator at the Standard Hotel in New York, after the Met Gala on May 5. On Monday, a message was retweeted a number of times on social media, purportedly from the singer, who is the younger sister of Beyonce Knowles and Jay Z's sister-in-law.  

The tweet read, “he tried the right one [sic]. I keep telling yall that n---a ain’t bout that life [sic]. U hit my sis I hit u hoe [sic]. Talk what you know! Y’all don’t know s—it."

However, it turns out the tweet was not written by the 27-year-old singer, nor was it was ever posted on her Twitter feed.

“I can confirm that Solange did not tweet that; that is not a real tweet,” Solange's spokesperson told TMZ on Tuesday. "In fact, while Solange was on Twitter as recently as Monday, her last tweet had absolutely nothing to do with her older sister or brother-in-law. She wrote a tweet to Delta airlines, commending the pilots and flight attendants after flying home to New Orleans."

The altercation on May 5 renewed some rumors that Beyoncé is in an abusive relationship with Jay Z. In response to the video's public release, one news outlet reported that Jay Z and Beyoncé have gotten into explosive arguments before. According to "Blind Gossip," at the Super Bowl last year, at which Beyoncé performed with her former Destiny's Child bandmates, the couple had a huge fight backstage. 

“He discovered that she was texting another man," according to the report. "He started going through all of her texts. His voice started out low and he was swearing: 'You mother f---ing b---h!' As he scrolled through the texts, his voice got louder and louder until he was screaming at her. 'YOU MOTHER F---ING B---H!!! YOU MOTHER F---ING B---H!!!'"

On May 5, at the Met Gala after-party in New York, Solange, Beyoncé and Jay Z had just gotten into an elevator with Beyoncé’s bodyguard when Solange began yelling at and kicking Jay Z.

In a video released by TMZ, Beyoncé seems to do nothing while she stands next to her husband. At one point, Beyoncé’s bodyguard has to hold Solange back. But that does not keep her from kicking Jay Z. TMZ released the black-and-white footage on Monday, and it claimed the bodyguard hit the emergency stop switch on the 12th floor mid-fight, presumably to try to keep the fight from the public.

It's unclear what triggered the fight, and there is no known history of Jay Z and Solange disliking one another.

According to Us Magazine, though, this is not a one-time occurrence.

"Solange has flipped her lid like that before,” a source told the magazine.  “She is genuinely a sweet and nice person, but she also keeps s--t real. She can take a small thing and it triggers her. This is not the first time this has happened. That's why Bey and Jay were so calm. They are used to this from Solange. It has definitely happened before."