Following the end of the halftime show for the 2012 Super Bowl, some fans were wondering: Did Madonna lip sync?

It's no surprise that following a live performance fans will debate on whether or not the performer sang live.

Following the end of the halftime show for the 2012 Super Bowl, some fans were wondering: Did Madonna lip sync?

Countless stories have been written since about Madonna, 53, miming the words of her 12-minute halftime performance at the Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis while the Twitter world reveled in the fact that Madge's vocals for Vogue, Music, Give Me Your Luvin' and Like a Prayer were pre-taped.

The only thing Madonna proved during the Super Bowl 46 show is her irrelevance; the halftime show was so obviously lip synced that it was painful. Madonna, though, did lip sync perfectly in time, which is much easier said than done, SB Nation wrote Sunday evening.

Madonna gave Super Bowl XLVI attendees and viewers at home quite a show, even if she lip-synched for most of her 12-minute set, TV Guide wrote.

The worst report, however, came from the Washington Post, in a review that blasted the singer for not just miming the words to her four-song set, but doing so carelessly, namely during her performance of Music.

She is not even trying to lip-sync accurately at this point. Points for faux-singing candor? the Washington Post wrote.

Lip-Syncing at Super Bowls in History

However, lip syncing is not a new concept for the Super Bowl.

In 2009, pregame show producer Rickey Minor told The Associated Press that Jennifer Hudson and Faith Hill were in fact lip syncing for their pregame performance of the National Anthem for the Super Bowl because he requested they do so.

That's the right way to do it, Minor told The AP. There's too many variables to go live. I would never recommend any artist go live because the slightest glitch would devastate the performance.

The AP also reported that Whitney Houston's unforgettable rendition of the National Anthem in 1991 for the Super Bowl was also lip-synced.

Elton John Blasts Madge...Again

Amidst a feud about the Golden Globes, Elton John gave Madonna some words of advice before the Super Bowl halftime show on Good Morning America in January: if you're going to do it, do it well.

Make sure you lip-sync good, John said on Good Morning America.

Of course you have to play live, but I don't think you can. In all fairness to everyone who's done it before, I think you may be able to sing live, but it's really hard to play live. I've never seen a decent one. Never ever.

This is not the first time John has blasted the singer for lip-syncing. In 2005 at the Q Awards, John called out Madonna as a lip-syncing culprit.

Since when has lip-syncing been live? John said. It was probably a bit unfair because there are people who lip-sync worse and whole shows are lip-synced. Her show is not wholly lip-synced. I was just having fun and it's like I said that Hitler was right, or something. Everybody knows Madonna lip-syncs. Everybody knows a lot of people lip-sync onstage. It was no big deal...

However, Madonna's people responded to John's claims that she has never lip-synced.

Madonna does not lip-synch nor does she spend her time trashing other artists.

Did Madonna Lip Sync?

While Madonna has not addressed claims that she was lip syncing during the 2012 Super Bowl, she did come up with quite a story during the press conference before the game began.

I am so excited to be here [and] incredibly nervous, Madonna told reporters during the pre-game press conference. This is a Midwestern girl's dream, to be performing the Super Bowl Halftime, so if I speak fast or run out of breath, you'll know why.

View the video of Madonna's Super Bowl 2012 halftime performance below and decide for yourself.

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