Meghan Markle was around 37 years ago when she tied the knot with Prince Harry. And as such, it must have been quite challenging for her to pregnant as quickly as did.

On the online forum site Quora, royal fans are wondering if the Duchess of Sussex underwent fertility treatment to help her get pregnant shortly after she got married.

Eileen Wood, a Republican since 1977, said that it is unlikely for the “Suits” alum to undergo fertility treatment. But she must have taken herself off of her birth control pills immediately after she married the Duke of Sussex.

Wood also said that Markle must have simply been “fertile Myrtle” shortly after her wedding at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle on May 19, 2018.

Jackie Thomas, a medical secretary, said that the question on the online forum site is very intrusive. Thomas said that regardless if Markle underwent fertility treatment or not is not anyone else’s business.

But Ulin Smith said that it seems that the first thing that royal couples do after tying the knot is having a baby.

“Most royal wives carry very little swing in the royal household under the queen and therefore need to bring something to get them noticed… what greater ‘thing’ than being pregnant and producing a child and children. Yes, the ‘help’ they get is the incentive of female notoriety - the British public love a pregnant royal,” he said.

Markle was in Australia for her first overseas tour with Prince Harry when she announced her pregnancy. Prior to the announcement, Markle arrived in the continent with a folder in front of her abdomen. At that time, the former actress was already three months pregnant.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex welcomed their first child, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor on May 6 at the Portland Hospital in London. Two days later, the royal couple introduced their son to the entire world.

Prince Harry Meghan Markle royal baby photos
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are pictured in London on March 5, 2019. Dominic Lipinski/AFP/Getty Images