Michelle Obama's fashion is consistently a topic of conversation, as style mavens around the world covet her casual chic wardrobe. But the First Lady's boudoir attire? That is something that has yet to be discussed.

Until now.

According to The Telegraph, Michelle Obama purchased $50,000 worth of lingerie from Agent Provocateur. She and the Queen of Qatar, Sheikha Mozah, closed off part of Madison Avenue for a shopping spree at the luxury lingerie boutique.

Agent Provocateur is known for its handcrafted bras, panties, corsets and babydolls. With lace, rhinestones and intricate detailing, the pieces can cost as much as $1190. The store also sells some saucier items, like whips, garters and handcuffs.

However, according to The Daily Mail, the White House denied all claims Tuesday. Kristina Schake, director of communications for First Lady Michelle Obama told MailOnline: This story is 100 per cent false.

The lingerie boutique was quick to deny the gossip as well. Recent claims regarding Michelle Obama and purchases made at an Agent Provocateur boutique are incorrect. Agent Provocateur never discusses any of its clientele or their purchases, a spokesman for the label told the UK publication.

Agent Provocateur is getting by even without $50,000 from Ms. Obama.

In the last 43 weeks, Agent Provocateur sales were up 12.5 percent. Gary Hogarth, Agent Provocateur's chief executive, refused to disclose the store's secret client list, but admitted that the brand had recently attracted a high number of unexpected famous names.

Agent Provocateur, which was founded in London, will launch an aggressive expansion strategy for 2012, including the opening of 20 new global shops. The company has done exceptionally well, despite the economic downturn. The lack of competition, swanky status and celebrity clientele have kept it shielded from the struggles similar retailers have faced.

This is a real luxury brand, says Mr Hogarth. But now it is also being run with a strong business discipline. That has meant a lot of changes to the finance team, mer­chandising and production and planning. It also means negotiating on every rental contract--which is more than possible in this market.

The glamour of the AP brand is really powerful--it has a luxurious quality, that means people have a sense of walking away with a special purchase even when they are buying a pair of knickers, says Mr Hogarth.

As for Michelle Obama, this latest $50,000 rumor adds fuel to an already blazing fire. The First Lady has received brash criticism for her lavish taste, despite the fact that the U.S. is still hovering at an unemployment rate of 9 percent. Over Christmas, she took a Hawaiian vacation that cost a whopping $4 million. She packed just as pricey a wardrobe, including $2,000 dress and a $1,000 skirt.

One comment on the Web site Naked DC said: She claims to be a champion of the poor and a fellow bargain shopper, but yet, here she is, sporting a dress that no unemployed American can afford. For someone who says she understands the troubles of the American people, who claims to shop at Target, she certainly fails to show it.

In a new book by New York Times reporter Jodi Kantor titled The Obamas, details are revealed that Michelle Obama had a fancy Alice in Wonderland-themed Halloween party in 2009 -- a year when the country faced some of the worst recession blows of all time.