President Trump touched off a Twitter firestorm Wednesday by claiming liberals want to change the name of Thanksgiving.

Trump’s claims at a Tuesday night rally in Sunrise, Florida, generated the hashtag  #WhatLiberalsCallThanksgiving.

"You know, some people want to change the name Thanksgiving," Trump told supporters without offering specifics. “They don’t want to use the term 'Thanksgiving.'”

“And that was true also with Christmas, but now everybody’s using Christmas again. Remember I said that?” he continued. During the 2016 presidential campaign, Trump vowed to end what he called the war on Christmas and expunge “happy holidays” as a replacement for “merry Christmas.”

Some Twitter users quoted former President John F. Kennedy, who defined a liberal as someone who looks ahead and welcomes new ideas.

One woman said she must have missed the memo while “DNR” said the war on Thanksgiving would be “fought with pies..

A user identified as Dr. David Reiss called Trump’s allegation a “dangerous trope” designed to “feed the rabid cult base and breed confusion” while “Scholarly Mama” said she looks at it as a day she doesn’t have to encounter Trump supporters.

Some said they call the holiday “delicious” and a “blessing,” even putting their cooking skills on display.

Others noted, “We just call it Thanksgiving,” and see it as a means of uniting family and friends.

Still others took the opportunity to highlight settler treatment of Native Americans.

And then there was this skewering: