• Melania Trump's comments on President Donald Trump's leadership
  • Melania Trump's statement about Donald Trump being president 20 years ago
  • Donald Trump attacked Greta Thunberg on Twitter

 Melania Trump is very confident of her husband’s leadership skills.

President Donald Trump has gained lots of supporters and critics when he became the president. However, there is one person who always believes in him. His wife, Melania, has nothing but praises for the POTUS when it comes to his leadership.

In a past interview, Melania revealed that Trump is handing everything very well. She also added that Donald is not politically correct and he tells the truth. She added that the current president really wants “America to be great again.”

“He is a great leader—the best leader, an amazing negotiator,” Melania said of Donald.

“America needs that, and he believes in America. He believes in its potential and what it can be, because it is now in big trouble. I don't want to go into it. I just believe he has what it takes to be an amazing president.”

Two decades ago before Trump became the president and when Melania was still dating the POTUS, she was asked if she could picture out herself as the first lady. The former model gave an affirmative response. She also expressed her confidence in her husband even before he joined the race for the highest position in the country.

Melania said that if she would become the first lady, she would be similar to Jackie Kennedy and Betty Ford. As for Trump’s leadership, she praised her spouse for being “very smart” and added that he would be a “great leader.” Melania added that Trump knows how to do business and would make a great leader.

Melania and Donald have one son, Barron. Melania is very protective of her only child. In fact, she reacted immediately when she learned that Pamela Karlan mentioned her son’s name. However, his actions only backfired because many said that the FLOTUS was just having a “fake outrage.

Just recently, netizens attacked Melania because despite her statement suggesting that minor children should be kept away from politics, she didn’t take any action when her husband kept on bullying 16-year-old Greta Thunberg despite her “Be Best” campaign. The FLOTUS received intense backlash when Michelle Obama showed support to Thunberg because they were expecting Melania to do the same.