• Melania Trump was humiliated after POTUS destroyed her wish for 2020
  • Melania Trump's New Year's resolution was mocked by netizens and commentators
  • Melania was criticized for giving a Miss America-esque answer

Melania Trump was left humiliated after her husband, President Donald Trump, destroyed her New Year’s resolution.

The first lady gave a heartwarming response when asked about what she wanted for 2020. Melania said that she wished for “peace on the world.” However, the FLOTUS' statement now appear to be nothing more than wishful-thinking after her husband's actions just days into the new year.

According to Express, just three days into 2020, the POTUS ordered a missile strike killing Iran’s top general. On Friday, Trump announced that a “reign of terror is over” as he marked the death of General Qassem Soleimani, who “made the death of innocent people his sick passion.” Trump added that “a lot of lives would have been saved” if he had been hunted down years ago.

Following the report of Soleimani’s death at the order of an audacious air strike on Baghdad airport from the president, several netizens took to Twitter and brought up Melania’s New Year’s resolution.

“Trump really thinks you’re supposed to treat New Years resolutions like birthday wishes...?!? Also the irony of Melania wanting world peace and the Donald potentially starting a war on day 3 of 2020 is hysterical,” Vince Olger wrote on Twitter.

“One day after @MelaniaTrump said that her New Year's Resolution was ‘peace on the world’ @realDonaldTrump kills Iran's most powerful military commander General Qasem Soleimani in an air strike,” political commentator Edward Hardy shared.

Several reacted to Hardy’s post by bringing up the POTUS’ reaction to Melania’s statement. In the same interview, Donald said that she should have not shared her New Year’s resolution because it would be jinxed. 

“No wonder Donnie said it’s bad luck to say your resolution out loud,” one wrote.

“But she said it out loud and, according to her husband, it wouldn’t come true,” another netizen added.

Meanwhile, another social media user said that Melania still got what she wanted because she actually meant, “piss on the world.” 

In related news, Melania was mocked for her New Year’s resolution because many felt that her response was the universal Miss America answer. Some also criticized the FLOTUS for making a grammar mistake because she said “peace on the world” instead of “peace in the world.”

Melania Trump, Donald Trump Melania Trump and Donald Trump will meet Queen Elizabeth II on Friday. Pictured: The Trumps rrive at Stansted Airport on July 12, 2018 in Essex, England. Photo: Getty Images/Leon Neal