• Melania Trump says she's more than a pretty face
  • Melania Trump lambasted for saying she's smart
  • Melania Trump made a grammar error

Melania Trump received intense backlash for her statement.

MSNBC host Chris Matthews previously commented on the first lady’s appearance, saying that it was like he was watching a runway show seeing Melania during the 2016 campaign. The FLOTUS then replied that she was more than just a pretty face because she is smart as well.

Melania’s statement has resurfaced, and several Twitter users have shared their thoughts on her remark. Some social media users said that she’s not really pretty, while others commented that she’s “insecure” for insisting that she is intelligent.

“If somebody has to announce they're smart, they usually aren't; they're only insecure,” one wrote.

@FLOTUS those who have to tell everyone how smart they are usually aren’ in point your husband,” another netizen added.

“If you need to tell people you're intelligent, there must be some reason why they aren't noticing,” @JRehling opined.

Melania’s critics also compared her to ex-FLOTUS Michelle Obama. One said that the former first lady never tell the people that she is smart or pretty. Another social media user added that Barack Obama’s wife also never plagiarized a speech implying about the incident three years ago.

Melania’s speech at the opening day of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland on July 18, 2016 was too similar to Michelle’s remarks at the Democratic National Convention in Denver on Aug. 25, 2008. Due to the said incident, many accused Melania of plagiarism.

However, not everyone agreed. According to some online users on Quora, it wasn’t Melania’s fault that their statements were similar. The FLOTUS’ ”lazy and incompetent” staff were to blame because they weren’t up to the task.

In related news, Melania was asked about her New Year’s resolution, but her grammar was criticized. The FLOTUS said that she wants “peace on the world” instead of “peace in the world.”

Some also mocked Melania for her answer because she sounded like a beauty pageant contestant. Also, her statement was considered by many as the Miss America “standard answer.” President Donald Trump was also criticized for confusing New Year’s resolution with a birthday wish.