In an unfortunate incident, a dog was found biting the severed head of a newborn near a hospital in the eastern Indian state of West Bengal on Sunday.

The incident came to light in the afternoon when the locals found the canine biting the head and immediately alerted the police. The locals believe the animal dragged the head to the road from the hospital area.

Recalling the incident, one of the residents said, “The head was lying in a dumping ground adjacent to the hospital. The dog was biting the head in front of a ration office. Locals noticed it and drove away the dog.”

The responding officers recovered the head and spoke to the local residents.

“We have already started an investigation. We have also spoken to the hospital authorities in this regard,” an officer told local daily the Times of India.

The incident comes a month after at least 24 fetuses were found stuffed in containers kept inside a sack near a pond in the same state. The locals found the sack and opened it. They found containers inside the sack and “suspecting something was wrong, they opened the containers to find small pieces of flesh.” They immediately alerted the police.

baby feet
Representational image of baby's feet. A father stabbed his two children in Ilford, London, before stabbing himself. Christopher Furlong/Getty Images