In a case of animal cruelty, a dog was allegedly tied to a vehicle and dragged until it died. The horrifying incident took place in Mumbai, the capital city of the Indian state of Maharashtra on Saturday.

A police case was filed after the dog was found dead by a journalist at an apartment complex Saturday morning. The stray dog’s neck was twisted and its eyeballs were popping out. The canine’s front limbs were tied with a cloth and blood was dripping from its private parts.

The journalist said the blood oozing out was fresh and believed the canine was tied to a vehicle and dragged with its legs. The journalist’s friend filed a complaint with the animal rights group in order to help find the culprit.

Meanwhile, the dog’s body was sent for necropsy and police were checking the CCTV cameras in and around the complex to find the culprit.

In a similar incident in the Indian city of Ghaziabad in December last year, a stray dog died after it was tied to a scooter and dragged mercilessly for miles. Residents of the area stopped the vehicle after “seeing two men dragging a dog with their scooter.” While one man was caught, the other fled the scene. The dog was immediately rushed to a nearby animal hospital where it succumbed to injuries. Animal activists said the dog had given birth to five puppies 20 days back and also suspected that the two men indulged in “unnatural sex” with the canine.

“During interrogation, the accused said the dog had bitten several people in the locality therefore decided to throw her out of the locality. But the two men decided to teach the dog a lesson and tied the dog with the scooter and dragged her,” police said.

In the image, a dog rescued from a South Korean dog meat farm sits in an enclosure at the San Francisco the San Francisco Society for the Prevention of Cruelty (SPCA) shelter in San Francisco, March 20, 2015. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images