A man in Columbus, Georgia, was charged with animal cruelty Wednesday after he bit his dog in revenge for being bitten by the canine.

A police officer told a court that the accused, identified as Edward Bailey, bit his own dog, named Annie, because the animal bit him. The man told the officers that he “may have also twisted” the canine’s leg. The officer said he, however, noticed the canine’s injuries were more extensive. The exact date of the incident was not known.

An examination revealed that the dog was suffering from a fracture to her back leg. The accused allegedly taped the canine’s mouth shut for several days as a result of which the animal had facial injuries. While executing a search warrant at his home, officials found blood spatters all around. The accused was charged with animal cruelty and his bond was set at $15,000.

Meanwhile, the dog was at the Animal Ark Rescue and it underwent a surgery, for which several people contributed.

“The community very quickly responded to Annie and a lot of that um she was so young you know. She is only 10 months old. She’s still a puppy and just the fact I think that this happened at the hands of a human somebody did this to her,” Miranda Morrison, a staff member, said, adding that she was “really proud of our community for stepping up and voicing their concern with that.”

Representational image of a dog. Pixabay