An animal attack survivor is questioning the safety of her neighborhood as authorities have yet to locate the dogs that viciously attacked her and her pet Pomeranian on October 28.

Vera Nenadic took Bozo out for their usual stroll along Broadmoor Boulevard in West Pacso. It was a quiet Monday afternoon and the two were enjoying their walk.

Things turned into a nightmare when Nenadic and Bozo were attacked by two large dogs while they were making their way down John Deere Lane near Liberty Park.

The dogs went directly for the Pomeranian and attacked the helpless pet without hesitation.

“They started playing with him like he was a toy,” Nenadic told the Tri-City Herald as she recalled the event that led to the death of Bozo.

Nenadic tried to pull Bozo’s leash in an effort to save her pet from the snapping jaws of the dogs, but the attacking canines proved to be relentless and continued their assault on the Pomeranian.

She was also bitten by the dogs while trying to fend them off.

Dog Pixabay

“I fell on my knees trying to save him. I yelled and screamed, but nobody came and nobody helped,” she added.

Bozo was already at death’s door when the dogs, which weighed around 70 to 90 pounds, released him. The animals then “disappeared quickly as they’d arrived.”

Still, Nenadic rushed Bozo to a nearby animal emergency center, but veterinarians told her that the dogs had inflicted severe injuries on her pet. She and her husband, Davor, had no choice but to put Bozo out of his misery.

Nenadic meanwhile was treated at Kadlec Regional Medical Center. She also needed to have a series of rabies shots.

Sergeant Scott Warren of the Pasco Police explained that search parties reaped no results in finding the dogs that attacked Nenadic and took the life of Bozo.

This is now the growing concern of the animal attack victim, who extended her fears that the animals might return and set their sights on other residents, especially the children.

“My concern is about the safety of this area and the community because lots of kids walk to school,” expressed Nenadic, adding that she doesn’t want anybody to be put in a situation where they would be fighting for their lives or that of their pets should there be another attack.

Davor on the other hand is not blaming the animals considering that they were only “defending their territory. However, he puts the weight on the dogs’ owners.

“You cannot let your dog run around without a leash,” he said.

As stated in the Pasco Municipal Code, no dog is allowed to roam, stray or be off its owner’s premises unless it is under the control of a person.