• Donald Trump called a textbook narcissist on Twitter
  • The POTUS was criticized by a journalist for constantly praising himself on TV 
  • Donald Trump's coronavirus press conferences are being criticized 

Donald Trump has been dubbed as a textbook narcissist on Twitter after he continuously praised himself amid the coronavirus pandemic.

During the POTUS’s press conferences, he put the blame solely on China because this is where the coronavirus started. The president claimed that he had no contribution to the spread of the deadly virus in the United States even though he didn’t act on the issue immediately.

Political Flare journalist Jason Miciak said that Melania Trump’s husband uses his coronavirus press conferences as opportunities to sing praises of himself on television.

“He is perfect once again. Then the media questions start, each challenging question gets a comment about how most reporters are [expletive] evil spirits sent straight from hell to make him – personally – and no one else, look bad. Some questions are simply answered by reiterating how he’s done it perfectly,” he said.

On Twitter, Windsor Mann, a member of USA Today’s Board of Contributors, also lambasted the POTUS.

“Trump is holding these press conferences because he can’t hold rallies. Public health is not the point. He needs praise like he needs oxygen. His sycophants talk more than experts. Nothing about tests. It’s all about what Trump wants to hear, not what we need to know,” he tweeted.

“Excellent point. He needs feeding. These pressers are a way for him to get what he can no longer get from his rallies,” Twitter user @MidwinCharles said.

“Attention and praise is his oxygen! Time to stop supplying it,” Twitter user @Ezra_Nola said.

“And he lashes out when he doesn’t get his narcissistic supply – the praise and adulation – for which he has an insatiable need,” Twitter user @SybilT2 said.

“You’re absolutely right, Windsor. I knew he wanted the spotlight but pressers in place of campaign rallies hit it perfectly,” Twitter user @Honeybelle7 said.

“It seems like every time he appears on TV, the market sinks,” Twitter user @wittermb2 said.