• Donald Trump proudly likened himself to Superman
  • Donald Trump was mocked for uploading a video of himself as Superman
  • Donald Trump is accused of being jealous of Barack and Michelle Obama's relationship 

Donald Trump recently uploaded a video of himself suggesting that he’s Superman. Following the acquittal of his impeachment, the POTUS seemed to be in a good mood.

On Twitter, the over 30-second clip opens with a woman suggesting that Trump needs a cape on his back with the letter “S” on it.

“No mortal man could take what he took for the last three years and two, he has done what he said he would do, and he’s still doing it,” the woman said before the people behind her cheered loudly.

Towards the end of the clip, a photo of Trump is shown, and he’s standing in front of the American flag in a Superman costume. A few other photos of Trump wearing different shades of Superman’s costume are also included in the video.

The POTUS’ supporters couldn’t help but praise him for being acquitted. But his critics mocked him with adorable photos of Barack and Michelle Obama, and they also claimed that he’s jealous of the former first couple.

“You are our Superman!” Twitter user @carrieksada said.

“Drain the Swamp Big D! We love and support you and your family. Glad to see the Vindmans and Sondland booted today…” Twitter user @SheilaB95699577 said.

Meanwhile, supporters of Barack and Michelle Obama called them the perfect couple in an attempt to throw shade at Trump and his wife, Melania.

“Perfect couple. Trump can look on and be jealous especially after he goes down and gets to enjoy being ostracized. Even his cult followers will abandon him,” Twitter user @Melissa72272061 said.

“I’ve never seen Melania hug Donald like that!” Twitter user @bosco84_carissa said.

“You will never see this between the fat slob and the Russian failed porn star,” Twitter user @forum19924934 said.

“Every time you post a beautiful picture of this classy couple and I read the juvenile comments, I understand who Trump's base is,” Twitter user @napanoch85 said.

Donald Trump
With the impeachment controversy behind him, US President Donald Trump will focus on trumpeting his economic record as he seeks reelection in November. A Florida man was arrested outside the White House on Saturday after saying he wanted to assassinate Trump. AFP / Nicholas Kamm