Not My President
A number of celebrities have begun standing in solidarity with anti-Trump protesters like the ones seen above demonstrating outside Trump Tower in New York City on Nov. 9, 2016. Reuters

Despite having won the 2016 presidential election, Donald Trump doesn’t seem to be making friends among Democrats and third party voters. In many major cities across the U.S., protesters gathered Wednesday to let him and his supporters know they don’t accept him or his controversial positions.

The “#NotMyPresident” movement sparked marches in Austin, Texas; Seattle, Washington; New York City; Boston, Massachusetts; Oakland, California; and more. Protesters flooded sidewalks and streets, chanting rhymes about Trump’s alleged racism and misogyny, all the while promising to “reject the president elect.” The massive marches garnered media attention, as well as attention from celebrities who were quick to praise demonstrators. Some outspoken celebrities, including Mark Ruffalo and former “Saturday Night Live” star Taran Killam, even joined protesters.

Lady Gaga was among the many stars quick to show support for anti-Trump protesters. She was vocal in her support for Hillary Clinton throughout the election season and remained so after the election results were handed down. When Trump’s victory was announced the “Million Reasons” singer tweeted a message of hope, asking people to “say a prayer” for our country. She was later seen protesting outside Trump Tower in Manhattan, New York, holding a “Love Trumps Hate” sign while hanging off one of the many sand-filled garbage trucks parked outside the building to thwart possible attacks.

Gaga was not the only celebrity to voice her opinion following Trump’s victory. Ariana Grande, Madonna, Rashida Jones and more took to Twitter following the election to share feelings of sadness, fear and call on fellow Clinton supporters, as well as third party voters, to prepare to fight for the next four years. Cyrus tweeted a video of herself crying, promising to begrudgingly accept Trump as president and asking that he be accepting of Americans regardless of their race, religion, gender and sexuality.

Trump has yet to respond to demonstrators. In fact, he has not tweeted at all since his final message of gratitude after having won the 2016 presidential election. At the time, he tweeted that election night was “a beautiful and important” occasion, promising to be a voice for previously forgotten communities.