• Donald Trump rated his response to coronavirus a 10 and Twitter users react
  • Donald Trump complimented the media for being very fair
  • Donald Trump compared coronavirus to the common flu

Donald Trump rates his coronavirus response a perfect 10.

On Monday’s briefing, the President of the United States was asked to rate how he responded to the coronavirus outbreak on a scale of 1 to 10. Trump did not lose his confidence despite the criticisms he received about the issue and responded with, “I would rate it a 10.”

White House correspondent Yamiche Alcindor shared the POTUS’ response on Twitter and it garnered mixed reactions from online users. Many did not agree with how Trump rated himself while some responded with sarcasm that they were surprised Trump didn’t give himself a rating of 11.

“I'm surprised he didn't give himself an 11,” @JTMontgomery8 commented.

“Only surprised he didn’t quote Spinal Tap: ‘This goes to 11’,” CNN legal analyst Elie Honig wrote.

“I have doubts that he's familiar with the concept of 'numbers’,” @cpaulmann added.

“Doesn't really matter how he thinks he did.  We have our own opinions and I would rate him at -10,” @panb_mn opined.

Meanwhile, since many were expecting Trump to rate himself higher than what was presented in the scale, one interpreted that the POTUS’ 10/10 score is a hint that his performance was a disaster.

“In other words it’s a complete disaster lol,” @PinkGloom wrote.

During the same briefing, Trump was noticeably more somber compared to his appearance last week. He had a scowl and dour face. He also spoke in monotone voice and lacked passion while delivering his speech.

Trump also surprisingly complimented the media. In his previous speeches he considered the media an enemy but not this time.

“I think a lot of the media actually has been very fair. I think people are pulling together on this. I really think the media has been very fair,” Trump said.

In a tweet last week, Trump said that the fake news media and Democratic Party just inflamed the coronavirus reports. He also said that it was a hoax and the risk was low. Trump even compared coronavirus to the common flu.

US President Donald Trump addresses Americans from the Oval Office about the widening novel coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis US President Donald Trump addresses Americans from the Oval Office about the widening novel coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis Photo: POOL / Doug Mills