Former President Donald Trump restarted a longtime feud over the weekend with comedian Bill Maher, one of his most fervent critics. Not one to let any public slight slide easily, Trump also blasted Fox News for booking Maher as a guest on the network.

Trump seemed to be under the impression that Maher appeared on the right-leaning network. The booking of Maher on the network never took place.

During a stop in Tennessee over the weekend, Trump laid into Maher as a “radical left maniac with modest ratings” and called Fox News “stupid” for its coverage of the comedian.

"[As] soon as he says something that’s a little bit modest, or temperate, Fox and others put him on to explain – ‘oh look, Bill Maher, a lefty, Bill Maher is saying wonderful things,’” Trump complained to his audience, who booed the mention of Maher’s name.

“They play right into the hands of the enemy, it’s amazing. I’m sure he laughs like hell at how stupid they are. They’re kissing the ass of the enemy. And in that case, his ass is not particularly pretty,” Trump continued, referring to Fox News.

Maher, who has been a prominent presence on late-night television for decades, took to Twitter in response to Trump’s speech. In a tweet, Maher taunted Trump for bringing him up over his past mockery of him and pointed out that he had no knowledge of any booking he had with Fox News.

He insisted that he would be “happy” to appear on the programs of two of their most popular personalities, Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson, but insisted that neither was interested in a serious discussion.

"Donald Trump says Fox News is 'Kissing the ass of the enemy' by booking me. He must have been 'accidentally' watching 'Real Time' again. I know of no booking I have on Fox, but I've made clear I'd love to come on with Hannity or Carlson, but they back out when I balk at 'only talking about things we agree on,'" Maher posted on his Twitter account.

Fox News has shared videos of Maher’s criticisms aimed at Democrats, particularly those on the left wing of the party. In January, Fox News host Dana Perino floated the idea that Maher would be a good candidate for president of the DNC.

However, Trump may have taken umbrage at Maher’s recent suggestion last week that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis would be a "way better" candidate in 2024 for the Republican Party. A day later, Fox News reported on the remarks.

Neither Trump nor DeSantis has announced a White House bid in 2024, but Trump has reportedly been disdainful of DeSantis as a potential rival.

Trump and Maher have feuded on and off for almost a decade. In February 2013, Trump sued Maher in federal court for refusing to honor an on-air bet where Maher said he’d donate $5 million if Trump could prove he was not the son of an orangutan. Two months later, Trump withdrew the lawsuit.