Joe Biden has been projected to be the next president of the United States and Twitter users are already telling President Donald Trump to leave the White House.

Many news outlets, including the Associated Press and NBC, have called the election and named Joe Biden the new president-elect with Kamala Harris being the vice-president-elect. He surpassed the needed 270 electoral votes while President Trump only had 214.

Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona and Nevada were the important states that would determine the winner of the election. Georgia and Pennsylvania turned blue on Friday, letting president-elect Biden take the lead of the election.

Twitter users have wasted no time hopping on the platform to share their feelings and their opinions about the recent news.

There are many users that have taken advantage of President Trump’s famous phrase, “You’re fired,” from his former TV show “The Apprentice,” and are using it against him.

There’ve been many lawsuits filed by President Trump with accusations saying that the election was rigged, stolen and unfair. If the lawsuits get dismissed, Biden will officially become president when Jan. 20 rolls around.

Trump supporters are insisting that the election has stolen and they aren’t happy with the results that have been announced.

President Trump was in the middle of a golf outing when he was called with the news of the election.

He tweeted about an hour before the news broke saying, “I WON THIS ELECTION BY A LOT!” That tweet was flagged by Twitter and now has the warning saying, “Offical sources may not have called the race when this was Tweeted.”

President Trump hasn’t since tweeted about the president-elect.

Joe Biden has said he sees himself as a 'bridge' towards a generation of younger Democratic leaders
Joe Biden has said he sees himself as a 'bridge' towards a generation of younger Democratic leaders AFP / JIM WATSON