Celebrities can generally sell anything—but that doesn’t mean they should.

The latest example of a bizarre product being endorsed or sold by a celebrity is the Drake Candle—which is a literal candle being marketed to smell exactly like the rapper. According to Pop Sugar, there are five candles being released in a collection sold by Revolve—but one, called the “Carby Musk” scent, is actually marketed as smelling like Drake.

“Smooth musk fragrance is introspective as an interpretation of your beautiful self, yet extrovertive as how you would want others to see your bold and brilliant self,” the description of the candle reads. “Features notes of Musk, Ambers, Cashmere, Suede and Velvet. Actually smells like Drake—it's the personal fragrance he wears, which inspired BWFH.”

Of course, this candle isn’t the only thing that has been peddled by celebrities over the years that’s been a bit on the bizarre side. Check out these other six products as well.

Hanson MmmHops Beer

Since launching to fame with “Mmmbop,” in 1996, the Hanson brothers—Isaac, Taylor and Zac—have apparently launched out into other ventures—including a line of beers known as the Hanson Brothers Beer company. While the line has expanded to include five other flavors—Pink Moonlight, Inland Porter, Festive Ale, Redland Amber Ale and Tulsa Tea—the first was the one to raise some eyebrows.

The beer, known as “MmmHops,” is still available for purchase, even if the name was a bit too on the nose for coming from the band of brothers.

Hulk Hogan’s Thunder Mixer

It’s not clear what the thought was behind this product and if was meant to be tied to Hogan’s wrestling or acting pursuits, but it was promoted as using “cyclone” action to perfectly blend ingredients. According to a description for a currently active Amazon listing it “instantly mixes: diet shakes, health drinks, baby formula, milkshakes, yogurt shakes, cappuccino, instant pudding, instant coffee, scrambled eggs, salad dressing, perfect gravy, kids drinks, cocktails, whipped topping” and more, and it is a “quick and easy way to prepare delicious mixes, shakes, drinks and more without the use of big, bulky, noisy blenders or electricity.”

Jessica Simpson Dessert Beauty

Jessica Simpson Desserts
Jessica Simpson is pictured during the Launch of her Dessert Beauty at Sephora Times Square in New York on April 24, 2004. Lawrence Lucier/FilmMagic

This product was wildly popular in the early 2000s, featuring lines of body care, hair care and other beauty products that were not only wearable...but edible as well. The line, which InStyle reports was carried in Sephora stores, included body mists, lip glosses, body shimmer sprays, bubble bath and whipped body creams, and was closely followed by a line for younger audiences known as Dessert Treats. However, after lawsuits over money owed to CosmoJet, the company which manufactured and sold to Dessert, they were discontinued and taken off store shelves.

Still, some sellers do have the products available on eBay, for those who are still eager to get their hands on them.

Kardashian Kard Prepaid Debit Card

It’s hard not to think of anyone from the Kardashian clan and see anything other than success—generally, anything with a Kardashian or Jenner name stamped on it can sell. But a few years after first launching into fame with their reality show “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” the sisters launched one bizarre product that definitely failed to catch on—the Kardashian Kard, a pre-paid debit card.

However, shortly after it was announced in 2010, it was quickly pulled and the family distanced itself from the product, which was criticized over extremely high fees, especially since it was marketed to younger fans who might be less educated about banking rates and fees.

Sylvester Stallone High Protein Pudding

While a high-protein pudding by Stallone actually makes some sense considering the career he built on the “Rocky” franchise, this also got him into some trouble, after it was alleged he stole the recipe for the high-protein, low-carb pudding from inventor William Brescia and marketed it as his own.

It has since been discontinued by the manufacturer.

Trump Steaks

Trump Steaks
Trump Steaks at The Sharper Image are shown at the launch at The Sharper Image in New York City on May 8, 2007. Stephen Lovekin/WireImage for Hill & Knowlton

Fans of the current President of the United States likely are wishing they could still get their hands on this line of meat products that he hawked back in 2007 with Sharper Image. The “Trump Steaks,” according to the company he partnered with, were USDA Prime Certified Angus Beef, flash-frozen and shipped in a deluxe “presentation box” to consumers.

According to The Washington Post, the prices for the meats ranged from $199-$999 at the time.