Drake’s “More Life” is a return to form missing from his last albums. Pictured: Drake on Sept. 23, 2016 in Las Vegas. Getty Images

In 2016, Drake released what is considered by many to be one of his worst albums. Although “Views” was successful commercially, critics and fans weren’t as generous. From a long tracklist to boring songs, many hip-hop fans had begun to turn their back on the “Controlla” rapper.

So when he announced “More Life” towards the end of 2016, fans were cautiously optimistic. Described by Drake as a “playlist to give you a collection of songs that become the soundtrack to your life,” it was hard to know what to expect from the release.

After multiple delays, Drizzy’s “More Life” is finally here, and it’s safe to say the Toronto rapper has made up for the faults on his previous album. While the project is still lengthy — 22 songs — it flows better and Drake sounds inspired again.

After trying his hand at dance records on “Views,” the “Sneakin” rapper goes all out on “More Life” with songs like “Passionfruit” and “Madiba Riddim,” and he also introduces the U.S. crowd to the U.K.’s grime sound with features from Skepta and Giggs.

At over one hour long, you would think “More Life” would get boring, but for a playlist, it’s surprisingly cohesive. Through the playlist’s 22 tracks, Drakes weaves in and out of hip-hop, grime, R&B, house and dancehall. If the rapper’s next album is anything like his playlist, he may finally have another “Take Care” under his belt. Check out the eight best songs from “More Life” below:

1. “Lose You”

An ode to everyone Drake may have pushed to the side on his journey to success, the rapper brings back his classic style over a 40 and Stwo beat and even manages to take a shot at Meek Mill, rapping, “All you did was write the book on garbage-ass Rollies / Ego strokin’, picture postin’ / Claimin’ that you’d do it for motivational purposes only / But you just had to show me.”

2. “KMT” Featuring Giggs

Whether or not Drake stole the sound from XXXTentacion’s “Look At Me” is another story, but “KMT” is one of “More Life’s” standout tracks. With a feature from British rapper Giggs, the MC steals the show with his second verse.

3. “Teenage Fever”

If you’re a fan of Drake’s sentimental side, this Jennifer Lopez-assisted track will be on repeat for a long time. Featuring a sample from JLo’s “If You Had My Love,” “Teenage Fever” finds Drake rapping about a previous relationship and preparing to move to another.

4. “Skepta Interlude”

One of the best songs on “More Life” doesn’t even feature Drake. The playlist’s 10th track gives U.K. rapper Skepta the stage as he raps over a Nana Rogues beat. While Skepta’s sound may be tough to swallow at first, it’s not hard to see why he is a favorite of Drake and Kanye West.

Skepta is just one of the British artists featured on Drake’s “More Life.” Pictured: Skepta on Feb. 22, 2017 in London. Getty Images

5. “Gyalchester”

“I know I said top five, but I’m top two / And I’m not two and I got one / Thought you had one, but it’s not one,” raps Drake, claiming his spot as the best in hip-hop. While that’s up for debate, Drizzy shows a hunger on the song that was missing from “Views.”

6. “Get It Together”

What can basically be described as a sequel to “One Dance,” Drake takes the house music influences one step further, sampling Black Coffee’s “Superman” and letting British singer Jorja Smith handle the vocals. While the rapper is featured on the chorus, it’s the Nineteen85-produced beat that steals the show.

7. “Passionfruit”

Upon hearing “Passionfruit” for the first time, you just know the song is destined to be a hit and the song of the summer. With a tropical house-like beat from Nana Rogues, Drake gets into his feelings, rapping about a long distance relationship, but he still manages to make a feel-good song.

8. “Free Smoke”

“Free Smoke” continues that tradition of Drake’s strong album openers. Taking shots at Meek Mill, making reference to Jay Z, opening up about J-Lo; Drake lays it all out on “Free Smoke” and sets the mood for the entire album.

“More Life” is currently available on Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal.