• Police are saying that a driver intentionally rammed a Toyota Prius with six teenagers aboard
  • The crash caused the death of three teenagers and injuring three others 
  • The driver, Anurag Chandra was arrested a day after the incident
  • Chandra's arrest came after investigators found a front-damaged Inifinti at a nearby neighborhood

Police are pointing to the fact that the Southern California driver intentionally rammed a Toyota Prius which led to the death of three teenagers and injuring three others over the weekend.

The California Highway Patrol told Good Morning America that the incident happened late Sunday in Temescal Valley, southeast of Los Angeles.

The crash caused the Prius, which carried six teenagers, to slam into a tree. Responders who were at the scene had to free three of the teens who were trapped in inside their vehicle, said the outlet.

Police Line Tape
Two were dead, including one suspect, in a Houston shooting Sunday, police said. Reuters/Gaston De Cardenas

One of the teenagers died at the scene while two others were pronounced dead after they were transported to separate hospitals.

The other victims were reported to have sustained moderate injuries due to the crash. Their names and ages were not immediately released by the police, according to ABC News.

Authorities also added it was not immediately clear whether the passengers were wearing seat belts.

42-year-old Anurag Chandra was arrested a day after the incident in a neighborhood near the crash site after investigators discovered an front-damaged Infiniti parked outside a house.

California Highway Patrol Lieutenant David Yokley meanwhile called Chandra's act as “intentional.”

“Our investigation led us to believe Mr. Chandra intentionally rammed the Prius, causing the driver to lose control,” said Yokley in a press conference.

Further investigation also changed the possible charges to Chandra “from hit-run collision to homicide.”

Following his arrest, Chandra was booked at the Robert Presley Detention Center where he is currently being held without bail under three counts of murder and other related charges, said Good Morning America.